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    Code3 21TR Wiring LED

    Does any one have a Code3 lightbar? need a photo like this to see which cable goes to wich led module there is non correct patterns here
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    Quadraflare 7x3"

    I saw that on youtbe but. im looking all red. my Client wants to see how it works but that video isn't enought. And right now and don't have on stock. On youtube there is 2
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    Quadraflare 7x3"

    Hello to everyone. I have been looking for a while a video of these kind of perimeter lights. But no luck yet. Does any one have a video of this configuration? Clear lenses, red LED
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    Whelen HHS2200 Programing software

    yeah but the problem is that I’m in Mexico so I can’t ask them to ship me one out. I will try to find the way but even the borders in these days are closed so I can go to McAllen or Brownsville or any city near where I live ...
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    Whelen HHS-2200

    Hello. I'm looking if any one have the hhs-2200 programmer software. I've been looking all day long but no luck. I have already visited the Whelen website but there is no info about the siren anymore...
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    Hello from Mexico!

    Hello, i'm frm mexico and today I discovered this website and it's pretty cool. I hope I can get and provide a lot of knowledge.
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    Whelen HHS2200 Programing software

    Hey bud can you help me out also, please? I've been looking and no luck...

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