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    For Sale Code 3 Z3 Siren

    Sold please lock
  2. rcfd34

    For Sale Code 3 Z3 Siren

    I have one guy ahead of you just waiting on him for payment if nothing I'll let ya no
  3. rcfd34

    For Sale Code 3 Z3 Siren

    have a like new code 3 z3 siren with all wires worked perfect when i removed it from last vehicle been sitting in the garage for a few months now just wont fit in my new pov like i was hoping so looking to sell it. only thing missing is the sticker sheet. asking 250 plus shipping obo just no low...
  4. rcfd34

    For Sale Spicy Weiner Sell Off

    Damn all the blue is going fast lol
  5. rcfd34

    Metro-State equipment on ebay

    Some of the lights look like they took a sharpie and colored them lol
  6. rcfd34

    Lighting Porn

    I wanna see a video of this thing all lighted up at night
  7. rcfd34

    need kenwood help

    so i bought a radio off ebay its a kenwood nx1200dk2 took it to our local kenwood guy he says he cant program it gives him a market code error and tells me it cant be programmed in the usa. so i call up kenwood and talk to a very nice guy and he tells me with these radios they were never made...
  8. rcfd34

    For Sale Whelen Crown Vic rear Dual head Avengers (Many)

    Any chance you could make one blue blue?
  9. rcfd34

    Federal Signal XSM1C-BRW

    Well crap I got 2 singles for 75 bucks each so I couldn't pass them up
  10. rcfd34

    Federal Signal XSM1C-BRW

    i got these with the cig lighter attachment does any one know if i can cut these off and be able to sync them or not?
  11. rcfd34

    Wanted STA274-ULB21-U1

    does anyone have this bracket available?

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