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    Howdy to y'all from Ill-annoys

    Welcome from northern Illinois
  2. rcfd34

    Wanted Whelen M4’s Blue

    Pm sent
  3. rcfd34

    Wanted Whelen M4’s Blue

    I have 2 i would be willing to sell
  4. rcfd34

    Gotta love postal service lol.......NOT!!!!

    Having same issues no wonder why they are running out of money I've stopped letting stuff get shipped usps and pay extra for ups
  5. rcfd34

    Wanted Apollo bracket

    Ok I will message them sense I dont have Facebook
  6. rcfd34

    Wanted Apollo bracket

    looking for an apollo license plate bracket if any one has one please let me know thanks
  7. rcfd34

    Wanted Looking for a trade

    I've got 2 whelen m4s clear lens blue in color and a power arc dash light in blue with blue lens looking to trade for a passenger side interior light bar just passenger side in all blue or blue/white mixed I live in Illinois I may also be able to throw in some other stuff to trade if need be...
  8. rcfd34

    FDNY, CFD labeled Vision SLRs

    Super lucky I would love to have that cfd
  9. rcfd34

    2013 POV ford explorer completion

    Damn dude I really dig that such a clean simple power packing setup... any chance of a night time video?
  10. rcfd34

    2016 Ford Explorer XLT

    Bahaha I'm in northern Illinois also and we got like 3 more days of rain
  11. rcfd34

    New Custom LED beacon I'm marketing to JDI Inc. !!

    So let's actual video of this in action that is awesome lol
  12. rcfd34

    2012 Ford F-150 SuperCab - Ideas needed

    Sparky hit it right in the head
  13. rcfd34

    eBay Listing WTH - 176 @$770

    Well good news is I talked to the chief we are gonna have some lights to sell some that are like brand new just gotta figure out how we would ship them sense some weight a ton
  14. rcfd34

    eBay Listing WTH - 176 @$770

    We got one of these sitting in our storage at the fire station in just as good of shape hmm might be time to talk the chief to sell it

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