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    Sapphire inoperable

    Just went thru this with my own. Or Search Wattcotech on Youtube. Watching this is how I got mine fixed..
  2. Rigmover06

    Anyone know TactMedic??

    Don't know if you got any of this intel,but I posted a PDF of my invoice I got from him back in November. Has name and a different email address for you to try and make contact with..
  3. Rigmover06

    Anyone know TactMedic??

    This is the business of his out of Quebec Canada. Atleast that is where my Sapphire I bought from him came from..
  4. Rigmover06

    Part # or Availabilty

    Thank You Sir,Just ordered a dozen and will have some spares. 1.73 each.. Gotta love it.. Thank You again..
  5. Rigmover06

    Is eLightbars dying out?

    I have been around here since 2008/2009. Like every other website forum it comes and goes in a wave. I love coming on here for the vast wealth of knowledge that I have been able to find when it comes to installs and troubleshooting. And the silly shit that goes on in here. I miss Burt (Pimp) and...
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    Part # or Availabilty

    I have a new to me CenCom Sapphire controller,What I am needing is the part # for the male end of the WeCan plugin. The end that comes off the lightbar into the back of the controller. There was not one on the Liberty bar when I bought it. Can anybody point me in the right direction please &...
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    Support Intermittent site not available

    On the For sale post I had up, I posted asking to mark it sold and close please. And it posted it 2 or 3 times. Kept saying problems with server please try back later.
  8. Rigmover06

    Whelen 295HFSA5 SOLD

    Mark As Sold And Close Please..
  9. Rigmover06

    Whelen 295HFSA5 SOLD

    Have one used 295HFSA5 Controller for sale Plus a Whelen WeCan controller. Paid 200.00 for all. Couldn't use in vehicle. Open to Offers & possible Trades.
  10. Rigmover06

    Positive Purchase from TactMedic

    Bought a Whelen Sapphire set up from TactMedic, Well packaged,Everything included for install. Great Communication and quick shipping. Thanks
  11. Rigmover06

    295HFSA5 VS Cencom Gold

    Hi all, got a question for ya'll. I bought a 54" Liberty lightbar for my 08 Pete. It came with a 295HFSA5 controller. But if anybody is familiar with the 389 Peterbilts you'll know there isn't a whole helluva lot of space anywheres to mount it. So now I am looking at a Cencom Gold on Fleabay to...

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