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    A Cautionary Tale: Goo Gone and Feniex Lenses

    Brake Kleen or Ether(Starting Fluid). I have used them both with great success to getting old decals off of stuff.
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    Liberty Lightbar Issue

    Update, Broke it all down and checked all connections and cleaned it up all. Just for sh!ts and giggles I dropped the fuses for the light bar power down from 20 Amps for 12V to 15Amp for 24V because of the 4 batteries in the truck and made a 6 day run requiring my lights to be on for 12+ hours a...
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    Liberty Lightbar Issue

    The lightbar is connected to a Cencom Sapphire controller. With WECAN that was added afterwards. It is a 54" Liberty, Date Of Manufacture 2012. Didn't have any issues this run with it. But it seems to only do it when I have been stationary for a hour or more and then goes Solid sometimes,not all...
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    Liberty Lightbar Issue

    Question for the gurus, Have a Liberty mounted on my truck, every once in a while if I have been sitting stationary with the lights going while loading or unloading the bar will lock itself solid but yet the controller panel will still be doing the indicator light dance. Is there at heat sink...
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    Negative Purchase from TactMedic

    Have to make an adjustment on my original Positive posting. I finally got around to trying to install the Sapphire I purchased. Wouldn't light up when power applied,checked power source and a few other things. Finally got fed up fighting with it and took it in to a Whelen dealer. Only to be...
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    Sapphire inoperable

    Just went thru this with my own. Or Search Wattcotech on Youtube. Watching this is how I got mine fixed..
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    Anyone know TactMedic??

    Don't know if you got any of this intel,but I posted a PDF of my invoice I got from him back in November. Has name and a different email address for you to try and make contact with..
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    Anyone know TactMedic??

    This is the business of his out of Quebec Canada. Atleast that is where my Sapphire I bought from him came from..
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    Part # or Availabilty

    Thank You Sir,Just ordered a dozen and will have some spares. 1.73 each.. Gotta love it.. Thank You again..
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    Is eLightbars dying out?

    I have been around here since 2008/2009. Like every other website forum it comes and goes in a wave. I love coming on here for the vast wealth of knowledge that I have been able to find when it comes to installs and troubleshooting. And the silly shit that goes on in here. I miss Burt (Pimp) and...
  11. Rigmover06

    Part # or Availabilty

    I have a new to me CenCom Sapphire controller,What I am needing is the part # for the male end of the WeCan plugin. The end that comes off the lightbar into the back of the controller. There was not one on the Liberty bar when I bought it. Can anybody point me in the right direction please &...
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    Support Intermittent site not available

    On the For sale post I had up, I posted asking to mark it sold and close please. And it posted it 2 or 3 times. Kept saying problems with server please try back later.

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