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    Headlight flashers on a 2005 cv pi

    Did you ensure that the flasher is the correct polarity?
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    2022 MY Dodge, Chevrolet fleet availability

    Chevy has a severe backlog and cancelled some orders. IDK about Dodge but a lot of ppl around us have gone to Ford because they were in stock.
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    2015 Tahoe SSV upfit

    I LOVE the grill lights!
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    2015 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan

    My old agency would leave our MDTs puck antennas on surplus cars since we switched to a new system with the new cars.
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    Rifle mount location

    I am installing a rifle lock in my unmarked Tahoe (2020). No cage and has a factor center console, so I’m trying to figure out the best spot for mounting. I would prefer to be able to reach it from the front seat and need to be able to have a front seat rider, but anything is better than the...
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    Need help IDing light bar.

    Looks like it retrofitted with nonWhelen LEDs. Possibly Federal Signal CUDAs or knock offs.
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    2015 Tahoe SSV upfit

    Sorry just saw your question from almost a year ago! Mines white. We can pick pretty much every color that doesn’t cost extra, but I got what was left over since Im the new guy.
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    For Sale Pro-Gard Pro-Clamp Police Overhead Vehicle Electric Shotgun Mount 12V Crown Vic

    Any idea how long it is? wondering if it would fit my Tahoe.
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    2020 Tahoe HLF issue at night

    Yes, that’s what I was trying to say . I think they are aftermarket since the tail light flasher also turns off when the headlights/taillights are turned on but my previous patrol vehicles flashers worked regardless.
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    2020 Tahoe HLF issue at night

    I’m clear on that and the high beam override still works, it’s just the high beams flicker instead of flash when the headlights are on and the HLF is activated.
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    2020 Tahoe HLF issue at night

    I have a 2020 Tahoe SSV that came equipped with a HLF. All the lights are controlled by a HHS4200. The HLF is supposed to be disabled when the headlights are on. I noticed last night that the high beam bulbs faintly flickered while my warning lights were activated, and returned to normal when...
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    Connecticut State police lighting

    I’ve never seen it on the visor bar, that looks sharp!
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    2015 Tahoe SSV upfit

    Nice! I just got issued a 2020. XLP in the windshield, 4 ions in the grill, LINZ6s on the side of the push bumper, OEM HLF/TLF, dominator in the rear window and a pair of vertex beside the plate. Simple but works for what my agency does.

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