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    Rear 21+ Tahoe Integrated Lightbar

    Wow, both are very sharp!
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    Metro-State equipment on ebay

    Does anyone else remember on the old site when Jeremy posted a video of their escorts and got in sooooo many arguments? He was only on for like a week.
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    For Sale Whelen Talon CVPI 3rd brake light huggers

    Thanks! I’ll measure mine in the morning
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    For Sale Whelen Talon CVPI 3rd brake light huggers

    Could you measure the gap in the middle if it’s not a hassle? Im wondering if it’ll fit my vehicle that’s not a CV.
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    Dual Arges in action

    I wish they had a speed control. I prefer a unity with led insert for now.
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    New FDNY Seagraves

    The patterns on the new truck are so much better than the old single flash
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    For Sale Lots of blue lights

    might be interested in the par 28s
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    Headlight flashers on a 2005 cv pi

    Did you ensure that the flasher is the correct polarity?
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    2022 MY Dodge, Chevrolet fleet availability

    Chevy has a severe backlog and cancelled some orders. IDK about Dodge but a lot of ppl around us have gone to Ford because they were in stock.
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    2015 Tahoe SSV upfit

    I LOVE the grill lights!
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    2015 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan

    My old agency would leave our MDTs puck antennas on surplus cars since we switched to a new system with the new cars.
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    Rifle mount location

    I am installing a rifle lock in my unmarked Tahoe (2020). No cage and has a factor center console, so I’m trying to figure out the best spot for mounting. I would prefer to be able to reach it from the front seat and need to be able to have a front seat rider, but anything is better than the...
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    Need help IDing light bar.

    Looks like it retrofitted with nonWhelen LEDs. Possibly Federal Signal CUDAs or knock offs.
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    2015 Tahoe SSV upfit

    Sorry just saw your question from almost a year ago! Mines white. We can pick pretty much every color that doesn’t cost extra, but I got what was left over since Im the new guy.

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