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    hideaway question x 2

    I have used the awl blasts for many years. They are great if you just need flashing. Get ahold of Tom and get those before they are gone.
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    For Sale Whelen liberty parts

    I will trade you some blues
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    Wanted Fedsig cn signalmaster

    I have an brand new latitude signal master in red/blue
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    I'm back with a mission!

    Welcome back Cajun! Missed your installs.
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    Boston PD XL 5000 Sealed Beam

    Just dug the old Newton Police (next to Boston) XL bar out of storage along with the mini XL
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    Boston PD XL 5000 Sealed Beam

    I remember that bar! Was in perfect shape. Might have one buried in attic somewhere. At one point in time I had 30+
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    Wanted ISO R/B Interior Lightbar

    I have a new in box Latitude signal master Red and blue.
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    Wanted 2013 Ford PIU Headlight and Taillight Flasher

    Have you used the one they have listed currently? I used two in the past that look completely different
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    Wanted 500 series surface mount flanges and lens

    I have 4 flanges
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    Wanted FS Xstream, Viper duo, or Whelen Avenger Duo

    I have several dual viper s2 dash lights in box Blue and white

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