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    My ‘new’ JetSonic

    New addition to my collection. Pretty sure it’s never been installed on anything, lenses are super clear. Simple bar, only has the rotators but has wiring in place for many other options.
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    Hello from Phoenix Az

    Welcome!!! There’s a guy in Phoenix selling a bunch of Las Vegas Metro FedSig Vision bars with controllers...wished I lived closer!!! LOL
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    Positive Sparky_911 thanks again!!!

    Sparky had the mx7000 strobes I ship and is exactly as described!!! Thank you!!!
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    Positive iMoses 14...thank you!!!

    The Code 3 Defender board was exactly what I needed and works perfectly!!! Thanks again!!!
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    RV Converter for a Power Supply?

    Mx7000, Fed Sig Vector, Code 3 Defender, and an RX2700...not all at the same time of course. ;)
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    RV Converter for a Power Supply?

    Anyone using RV converters for a power supply??? The one that I am thinking of going with is the PowerMax 100 amp unit. They are fairly inexpensive and this particular unit only draws 13 amp under a full draw. Thoughts???
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    Wanted MX7000 Strobes

    I’ll let you know. Thanks!!!
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    Hello from Utah!!!

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    Wanted Code 3 Defender TriCore Control Board

    Looks like the one I’m looking for. What would you want for it???
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    Wanted Code 3 Defender TriCore Control Board

    T11564 is the part number that should be on the board
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    Wanted Code 3 Defender TriCore Control Board

    As the title says, I’m in need of the control board for a Code3 Defender TriCore bar. Thanks in advance!!!
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    Wanted MX7000 Strobes

    Looking for 4 upper MX7000 strobes. I have the strobe/rotator combo up top and the strobe assemblies are either not working or in bad shape. I believe the part number is T09425. Thanks in advance!!!
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    Hello from Utah!!!

    I guess there’s a forum for everything isn’t there??? I have always wanted a police light bar in my garage and recently bought a Code 3 bar that turned in to a Federal Signal Vector, a Code 3 mx7000, and a Code 3 Defender. I’m looking for parts for some of them so I hope you guys can help me out!!!

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