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    HHS3200 and WeCan Module Question

    Not sure with the handheld controller but I know with the 18 wire WeCan that if both the right and left TA input is powered at the same time it activated the split TA.
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    Whelen Liberty LFL Help Please

    IT WORKS!!! I gotta reconfigure my bar though...I put the take downs in the wrong position. Thanks again!!!
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    Whelen Liberty LFL Help Please

    So far. Got the bar to transfer over to WeCan 7 and it programmed the controller according to the dialog box...just gotta find the time to try it on the bar. I'll let you know!!! Thanks again!
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    Whelen Liberty LFL Help Please

    I will give this a try and let you know what happens!!! Thank you!!!
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    Whelen Liberty LFL Help Please's an update...and bottom line I am probably doing something wrong. Ended up downloading all three versions of the Whelen programming programs; started with the WeCan 7 and got a pop-up that Whelen Command was the update so I got the Command, installed it and started playing with...
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    Wanted Whelen Power Airhorn

    Can be with or without the mic. Shipped to 84094. Thanks!!!
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    Whelen Liberty LFL Help Please

    I did not. Guess I shoulda did more homework on the universal controller...and go get the cable and software.
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    Whelen Liberty LFL Help Please

    Played around with a Liberty LFL last weekend (model SW8BBRR) with the Universal WeCan Controller and got nothing out of the lightbar. Confirmed that I had power where there should have been power and ground where there needed to be ground; grey to grey, green to green, and shield to...
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    Anyone in Utah that could help me get these...

    Whelen Edge Lightbars Lot of 19 Whelen police 48” double stack lightbars. I'm in Utah, just down the street from them actually, but they have a restricted listing...I just want one, maybe two...
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    Whackers gonna whack

    Indeed. But I think the lightbar collector, former police or not, is far from a whacker...just a little mentally ill because we like the blinky lights. We will have to agree to disagree with a definition that is certainly subject to interpretation. I think we will also have to agree to...
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    My ‘new’ JetSonic

    New addition to my collection. Pretty sure it’s never been installed on anything, lenses are super clear. Simple bar, only has the rotators but has wiring in place for many other options.
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    Hello from Phoenix Az

    Welcome!!! There’s a guy in Phoenix selling a bunch of Las Vegas Metro FedSig Vision bars with controllers...wished I lived closer!!! LOL
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    Positive Sparky_911 thanks again!!!

    Sparky had the mx7000 strobes I ship and is exactly as described!!! Thank you!!!
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    Positive iMoses 14...thank you!!!

    The Code 3 Defender board was exactly what I needed and works perfectly!!! Thanks again!!!
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    RV Converter for a Power Supply?

    Mx7000, Fed Sig Vector, Code 3 Defender, and an RX2700...not all at the same time of course. ;)

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