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    Help Identify this LED light

    Thank you for the information. I am very appreciative. Sorry for the delay buty schedule has been very busy. Thanks again
  2. rond

    Help Identify this LED light

    Thanks for the replies. I will try to find the controller for it
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    Help Identify this LED light

    So my work vehicle has these LEDs installed on it. Four total LED light heads. I do not see the brand name anywhere on the LEDs. I am curious as to what brand they are and what flash patterns it might have as options. Any help would be appreciated
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    MI Law Enforcement

    Oh now that makes it even cooler
  5. rond

    MI Law Enforcement

    Great pics. I love seeing the changes over the years. My favorite is the car with the all blue twinsonic lightbar.
  6. rond

    Vintage Frankenstein-ed lights, beacons and light bars.

    That looks like NOS. Lol
  7. rond

    For Sale Twinsonic CTS- SOLD

    Beautiful lightbar
  8. rond

    For Sale for sale best offer as is SOLD-THANK YOU

    Nice looking shell. Wish I had the extra cash.
  9. rond

    Twinsonic 12F

    Great job Ken. Yet another beautiful restoration. Very nice.
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    Signal Stat Dual Comm

    Great looking bar! I love seeing Dual comm lightbars. They are hard to find and usually not in good condition. Ken you do nice work on your bars. Keep up the good work. Thank you for posting this.
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    MI Law Enforcement

    I do like those better
  12. rond

    MI Law Enforcement

    Looks nice
  13. rond

    BeaconBrothers Signal Stat Dual Comm

    Very nice. Thanks for the info
  14. rond

    Whelen Edge 9000

    Looks good!
  15. rond

    Federal FIRE BALL Family History

    Great collection and nice organization too

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