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    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it Tomar?

    I've always liked Tomar and their neobe bars. I also used to run a Tomar Police Light II, which was a terrific dash light. It seemed as though they were doing well with the transition to LEDs with their "cheerio" style optics. Though expensive, the Blade was a great and great looking lightbar...
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    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it Code 3/Ecco?

    Code 3 is the brand that I am hoping pulls a comeback after years of stagnating. The pursuit lightbar looks great and the defender was always underappreciated though bulky looking in my opinion. We'll see how they do going forward, but I hope they regain some of their MX7k glory days.
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    the Mother of all Throw Lights

    Glad to see you doing this and keep us posted. I always thought that those models (either rotator or LED) with a strobe in the lower section would be a cool project - tie an opticom into the bottom half and you're all set (kind of).
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    Construction Warning Lights for Jeep with Soft Top

    Is your Jeep going to be parked on the side of the road/construction site? If so, why not just take the mini bar and put it up on the roof when you park your car and turn it on? You can leave it in the car during your commute. Seems like the easiest, though not the most fun I admit, solution.
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    New Whelen Surface Max

    I agree and using them as brake lights, particularly M9's, is just way too much in my opinion - particularly in town or stop and go traffic. I understand the rational for wanting another set of brake lights but I think that spec'ing M9's or 900 series BTT's provides you with a sufficient footprint.
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    911ep equivalent flash patterns

    Yes! Both the 911EP star pattern and their rotator patterns were amazing. To think that this was, what, 15 years ago? They really had some great products.
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    2013 Chevy Tahoe SSV Build

    Great plan. I'd give some thought as to whether you want the vertex's in the taillights in addition to the TLF. If it was my vehicle, i'd remove the TLF and just go with the vertex's but your call. Nice to see the flash pattern change/slow down when in park - that is not done nearly enough in my...
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    1997 Chevy Suburban Install for St. Clair Twp. Fire Dept. (Ohio)

    I totally agree with you. That said, the colored lenses really help bridge the time-gap between the Suburban and the LED bar. It wouldn't look nearly as good in my opinion with clear lenses.
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    The Perfect LED "old school" bar

    Completely agree that this is amazing technology and I'm traditionally a FedSig guy. That said, they the rota-beams look best in a full sized bar, not as secondary or as grilles lights. DC fire is running mini-freedoms with rotabeams and they look great. All of the other lights are traditional...
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    Bowling Green Fire Dept. Station 4

    Looks like the standard un-synced led set up that most apparatus have. Correct me if I am mistaken. 
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    Federal Signal Vision SL

    Totally agree. I'd love to see a diagram as to how each of those pods are set up with the various pods and what direction they are facing - I could never figure it out. 
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    Old 911 EP Products & 5-0 lights

    Any 911ep bars in there (not sure if all of your photos are up or not)? As I recall they had some great flash patterns including a very convincing (at the time) simulated rotator pattern. Thanks for sharing.  Edit: Reread your post, I guess I was just hoping that there would be some 911ep bars...
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    Help with ideas

    Lots of options with a truck that size. You could go a cheap/quick route and look for some led school bus style lamps and just replace what you already have. You could also look into one of the large, edge-style T/A's either halogen or led. M9's or any other 7-9 size light would look good back...
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    New Anne Arundel County, MD BLS units

    It's definitely different, but unless you are going HD or a pick up chassis, this will be the look going forward (not necessarily MB, just the design language). I can't tell how this compares size wise though, is that a standard sized box on the rear?
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    Are companies are hurting themselves by offering too many different lightbars? Discuss.

    For me the issue isn't having a "recognizable" brand/similar looking products, it's the lack of innovative bars/lights. Every manufacturer has their linear bar that performs essentially the same. But a Valor, Delta with the led rotors, and some of the other new and innovative products, that...

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