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    Proper Wire Routing Methods

    ^ What they said, sometimes you can get even more depending on the size of the channel. That's how I've done all of mine.
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    2017 F150 Cencom Core install. Where to mount?

    Do you happen to have any photos/tips on attaching a mounting plate to the rear wall?
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    2017 F150 Cencom Core install. Where to mount?

    I was thinking under the seat as well but was debating keeping that open so that the rear seats could be folded up for storage use. But keeping that idea open as well.
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    2017 F150 Cencom Core install. Where to mount?

    So I'll be doing a core based install soon in a 17 F150. The only thing I'm stuck on at the moment is where to mount the core and associated wiring. I'm thinking behind the rear seat but I haven't opened it up yet. Anyone have any insight on locations? I'm not currently planning on putting...
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    2017 Interceptor Utility "wing" with factory lights

    Here is the brochure with the options if you want to bring it to the dealer with you
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    Will this TA housing hold lin6 light heads? I'm looking to convert something like this into an exterior lightbar filled w/ 8 linear 500 series lightheads. Does anyone know if the modules will simply slide into...
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    Wanted Whelen Talon Colored Lenses

    Check with Steve (emtanderson) he ordered some for me from Whelen awhile back.
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    2 pin connectors, where to buy?

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    Outer edge type bracket?

    Does anyone know of anyone other than Whelen and Lone Star that makes an outer edge style light for the 11-16 Ford Explorer/interceptor? I'm looking to get one and mount my own lights to it. Whelen only sells a blank bracket specifically for the ions, and Lone Star won't sell just the bracket...
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    Outer edge question

    I'm actually looking to buy one of Lonestar's Explorer model brackets, and then installing 400 series on them.
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    Outer edge question

    Did Whelen ever make the outer edges with 500 series LEDs? I could have sworn I have seen them but through searching I've only found the ION series. I'm looking to build one for a 2014 Ford Explorer so I was looking for ideas.
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    Custom lightbar brackets?

    For cars that the manufacturers didn't create a bracket for, what do you use to create a bracket? Is there a way to re-form a bracket that the lightbar came with or do you just create a new one from scratch?
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    Whelen Liberty magnet mount

    It won't be a full size liberty, just one that hasn't had a mag mount before.
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    Whelen Liberty magnet mount

    How do you mount magnets to a Whelen liberty? Do you need a special mount for the magnets or do the bolts just slide into the frame rails?

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