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    2017 Interceptor Utility "wing" with factory lights

    Here is the brochure with the options if you want to bring it to the dealer with you
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    Will this TA housing hold lin6 light heads? I'm looking to convert something like this into an exterior lightbar filled w/ 8 linear 500 series lightheads. Does anyone know if the modules will simply slide into...
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    Wanted Whelen Talon Colored Lenses

    Check with Steve (emtanderson) he ordered some for me from Whelen awhile back.
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    2 pin connectors, where to buy?

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    Outer edge type bracket?

    Does anyone know of anyone other than Whelen and Lone Star that makes an outer edge style light for the 11-16 Ford Explorer/interceptor? I'm looking to get one and mount my own lights to it. Whelen only sells a blank bracket specifically for the ions, and Lone Star won't sell just the bracket...
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    Outer edge question

    I'm actually looking to buy one of Lonestar's Explorer model brackets, and then installing 400 series on them.
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    Outer edge question

    Did Whelen ever make the outer edges with 500 series LEDs? I could have sworn I have seen them but through searching I've only found the ION series. I'm looking to build one for a 2014 Ford Explorer so I was looking for ideas.
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    Custom lightbar brackets?

    For cars that the manufacturers didn't create a bracket for, what do you use to create a bracket? Is there a way to re-form a bracket that the lightbar came with or do you just create a new one from scratch?
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    Whelen Liberty magnet mount

    It won't be a full size liberty, just one that hasn't had a mag mount before.
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    Whelen Liberty magnet mount

    How do you mount magnets to a Whelen liberty? Do you need a special mount for the magnets or do the bolts just slide into the frame rails?
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    For Sale WTT: 2 blue Tir3s for amber

    Hey everyone. I have 2 galls branded Whelen Tir3s in blue that I would like to trade for 2 amber whelen or galls Tir3s. They are essentially brand new, they were mounted and wired but never used for more than 5 minutes.
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    Multiple New Whelen Lights (With Videos)

    Man, those two really have no personality.
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    Multiple New Whelen Lights (With Videos)

    Man that new Freedom is going to be sick. And it's nice to see Whelen offering colored lenses w/ the new Ions.
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    Strobes N' More intersector bracket

    Got it installed. It works well, a bit of an adventure getting the plate back on. You definately need some box or crescent wrenches. But other than that I have no complaints.

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