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    Happy 4th!

    Don't forget spontaneously combustible flatulence. For at least one person in America today, this will be the last day they have 10 fingers.
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    FEVER's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

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    FEVER's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    Deleted, did not work.
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    FEVER's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    Hey Farva, what's there name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the cheese sticks?
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    FEVER's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    Our shenanigans are cheeky, and fun.
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    New Class

    I'd worry more about the manned Prius then the autonomous Tesla.
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    New Class

    Hmm, if only this was six months earlier, JDI might still be in business.
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    Streethawk variants?

    Now that you mention it, it does almost look like someone grabbed the speaker grille from an MX and wrapped it around that bar.
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    Streethawk variants?

    Now I want to get an MX frame and cram 3 or 4 center sections in it, just so this monstrosity can be outdone.
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    Official Location based warning law discussion thread

    Honestly, in my experience in Washington, unless it's a blue light or you're attempting to use a red light to stop people, LE doesn't really care that much. Even though the RCW says blue is LE only, red is any other emergency vehicle, and to be honest, I don't recall anything in the RCW or WAC's...
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    Galls Catalog (1989)

    American components, Russian components... ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!!!
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    Decisions decisions decisions

    I think the street hawg parts would be harder to come by, and there's still more than a few MX's floating around. So to answer your question, if you want the more rare collector's piece, I'd say do the streethawk. If you want an easier project, then the MX.
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    DimWitt: "Sergeant, FRS 316.1974 says..." Sarge: "...That you can shut the actual f**k up right now."

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