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    Caption this...

    Bring your funny.
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    New Member Arkansas

    I resemble that remark. Welcome aboard.
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    Travel Scrabble

    Now I'll take a BOW and leave the floor open to the next play.
  4. SeattleSAR

    Hello from the Uk

    And from the West Coast USA. We're everywhere.
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    Travel Scrabble

    It started out that way, but after the game got stale the rules were revised to include 3-5 letter words. I'll look back and if I can find the actual post, I'll quote it. EDIT: So the discussion about the rule change occurred on page 8. Also, Double foul on WING, doesn't play off NOW and used...
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    Travel Scrabble

    You haven't WON yet.
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    Travel Scrabble

    Wow, been over a year since anyone played a word in here. I'm gonna PING this thread and see if there's any life left.
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    Discuss, professional short vid, or potential for whackerdom? You be the judge, our phone lines are open...
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    A touching tribute... Very nice of them to come together like this.
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    What's the worst lightbar made by a well-known company? (FedSig, Code 3, Whelen)

    Not to mention those stepper motors, which I heard were notorious for failing.
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    Behind the scenes

    Another fine JDI product
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    Selling Amber Lighting

    To answer your question, I think it's better to sell here, at least it will move faster. Think of it as selling Hershey bars. If you sold them at whole foods, a couple people might look, one of them may even buy. But here it's like selling Hershey bars at a weight watchers convention.
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    NJ State Police made some throwback cars...

    I dropped it in a Facebook link, but I'm sure if you go to the New Jersey State Police page you'll be able to see it.
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    NJ State Police made some throwback cars...

    On NJSP Facebook page.
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    Local Antique Shop Find

    Nice work.

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