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    New (to me) Vista's and MX7000's

    Those are stop/tail/turn lights. You have a wrecker bar.
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    Whelen Cencom powers one or two speakers from the same terminals. How?

    Fortunately one speaker will provide double the resistance of two speakers connected in parallel, and thus will cause the amplifier to produce only half the power.
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    Whelen Cencom powers one or two speakers from the same terminals. How?

    @MtnMan will explain this better than I can. Consider Ohm's law. P=(V^2)/R. Halve the resistance to double the power.
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    Are Two Speakers Better than One?

    What make and model siren was this?
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    Real life visual, Halogen bulbs in mini lightbars replaced with LED.

    What's telling is the extreme angle at which the bulk of the light leaves the reflector. Look at the pattern shone on the toolbox by the one driver's side rotator with a working bulb. This video is proof positive that LED replacements cannot put light into the focal point of a parabolic...
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    Help identify this switch panel.

    This looks like it might be a photo of a video being played on a computer monitor. In this frame the text that I expect may be manufacturer's name is blurry. If you are able to play the video again, is the text clearer in another frame?
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    Strap Kit for 1991 F150?

    The strongest part of the roof is where the sheet metal curves from being horizontal on top of the cab to vertical above the doors or windows. This is likely why the various lightbar manufacturers specify in their installation instructions that the rubber pads on the mounting feet should...
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    Wanted Looking for working condition whelen advantedge osc willing to pay top dollar

    Several years back I sold one, Galls rebranded, all blue, to @JohnMarcson himself.
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    Strap Kit for 1991 F150?

    Although the supporting evidence has dried up, the facts remain: I'm sure you'll be happy with the straps themselves, but I feel like you may be disappointed with how far from the curved portion of the roof the feet land.
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    WS-227A Wiring and Harness/Cabling Types

    Shooting from the hip, the round black connector may be a 6-pin DIN. The white square connector is a 9-pin AMP connector, listed with a Whelen part number in this guide:
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    No power at control head

    Where in the world is the speaker coming from that it costs $38 to get it to you?
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    Galls Traffic Buster/Code 3 SD

    Source: posted by @LRGJr72
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    Positive A+ for Shues! Siren Test Resistors

    I couldn't be happier. This deal with @badge22 exceeded my expectations from beginning to end. Fantastic communication, prompt payment, professional all around. Thanks again!
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    Wanted Amber white duo 500 for liberty 1

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