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    For Sale NOS Whelen Dashmiser Plus 2 Strobe R/W

    There are at least three different optic patterns: horizontal, vetical, and checkerboard.
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    Wanted Whelen Talon Colored Lens

    If not, I'd like to be second in line after @motionman427!
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    Older Whelen UHF2150 HLF, non scanlock flash patterns

    The pattern selection is supposed to be the same as on the UHF2150B: Source: In fact, I had an older copy of 13510.pdf from February 16, 2000, which I have uploaded, here: UHF2150A-Headlight-GrilleLightFlasher_install.pdf
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    For Sale Federal Signal "Jet" domes & bulkheads

    Those are Whelen pylon mounts.
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    Vintage Catalogs:Federal Signal

    Please don't hesitate to ask for help if you need something!
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    Sync'd rotator bars

    I remember a thread with photos of something very similar to what you're describing many years back, but I have been unable to find them again.
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    Vintage Catalogs:Federal Signal

    I sincerely wish we could have worked to sort through the broken links while the images were still available.
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    Noob 4200 Mini Question

    It will take quite a bit more power to engage the relay than it will to keep the relay engaged. You can expect a higher current requirement for a small fraction of a second when engaging the relay. However, in practice, this is negligible in the grand scheme of things. The coil of a common...
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    Cencom sapphire output 7 question

    You could also use the dry contact relay to switch something that does not connect to either power or ground, such as the audio output from a radio or scanner.
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    Liberty 1 duo wiring question

    I'm happy to have helped!
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    For Sale Tomar 2 lamp blue/blue

    I concur. It appears to have nine diodes and three open positions per side.
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    295SLSA6 Question

    Yes, 24awg is far too small. At minimum, match the gauge of your extension wire to the gauge of the flying leads coming out of your speaker. Going even larger is okay. Get rid of the 3.5mm plug and jack.
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    Code 3 AS2 Question.

    A 537 is pretty small once you take it out of its can. Doing so can be quite tempting when a small space is all you have to work with. However, removing the can alters the thermal characteristics of the flasher and could lead to an even more lopsided flash.
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    AeroDynic 25 CF Series A CrossFire

    I much prefer the Mickey Mouse style over the pair of meteors.
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    Dodge Durango Wiring

    Wattco has a list of modifier guides, one of which may be of some help:

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