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    • Skulldigger
      Skulldigger reacted to tsquale's post in the thread Sireno Condor with Like Like.
      You're pretty close. The one thing that Sireno seemed to be consistent on was the 4 numbers after the dash (-) indicated the color setup. In this case the four zeros (-0000) indicated red domes on...
    • Skulldigger
      Skulldigger replied to the thread Sireno Condor.
      I have tried to study Sireno models and serial numbers and there is little to go on. I have managed to narrow down dates for siren serial numbers for Sireno in New York, but the stuff made after...
    • Skulldigger
      Skulldigger replied to the thread Sireno Condor.
      From what I understand the 44701 is the actual model number of the bar. The 4 zeros are changeable depending on modifications or options.
    • Skulldigger
      Looking for some parts for a Mars FL8. I need the linkage that attaches to the back of the reflector, down rod and the H shaped piece that connects to the gear. Also need one of the axels that...
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    • Skulldigger
      Skulldigger replied to the thread Green lollipop?.
    • Skulldigger
      Skulldigger replied to the thread Green lollipop?.
      I was wondering about this a few days ago and just ran across this post. Have you posted a picture of the A1? I think we discussed before about A1's in existence after finding a 184 A2.
    • Skulldigger
      Found this Appleton Electric Company, Model 45A with a nice red lens. I tried to find some information on it and found one site that said it was from the 1950's and another said 1930's. Was also...
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    • Skulldigger
      Skulldigger replied to the thread New decor craze?.
      Mine. You can bypass the motor and just have the lights on if you didn't want it to spin.
    • Skulldigger
      What brand is it?
    • Skulldigger
      Skulldigger reacted to bpollard's post in the thread This is pretty cool.......... with Like Like.
      Squad 51, Engine 51, and Suburban ambulance restorations at a 50th anniversary event. Excellent looking restrorations
    • Skulldigger
      Traded for this today. Brand new in the box! This will be a collection piece as I remember seeing these on MTPD cars frequently. No video because I don't have a good way to capture the strobes...
    • Skulldigger
      Skulldigger reacted to Lightman3554's post in the thread Grote 21m beacon with Like Like.
      This is the light
    • Skulldigger
      Skulldigger replied to the thread W. S. Darley Type H7 60.
      Cleaned up just fine. Was about to head to the chrome shop but decided to try some 0000-steel wool. That's all she needed. Very intact chrome and now it's a beauty for sure. Did these ever have...
      • DSC_0265-gmp.JPG
    • Skulldigger
      Skulldigger replied to the thread Unknown teardrop light.
      They were around a while back, although I don't know for how long. Here is a 1965 article from a Nebraska newspaper. 1965 is the only listing I can find so far.
      • 1965 TAE Signal.jpg
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