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    Replacement rear lens for Federal sirens

    I wish Sireno had used something common. I think they had a lens made specifically for them.
  2. Skulldigger

    FDNY Twinsonic 12F Reboot

    That is one great looking bar. I have one sitting in my barn waiting on me to get motivated. lt has one blue and one amber lens on it. Haven't been able to determine what department it was used in. Love those clear domes though to show the inner workings of this thing.
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    Beaconray Model 17

    Sorry I did not see this post sooner. I have a lot of 6v lights and sirens. I use two options for powering them. For a while I have use the Stepdowns. They come in 10, 20, 30 and 40 amp. But I am currently switching some of my wiring over to use one of these. It is 6volts 40 amps Often...
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    Local Antique Shop Find

    I created a decal that goes over the emblem. Just the oval with the lettering Signal Stat. The right side of the tag is not included as it usually doesn't fade and is different than the emblem.
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    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    What in the ???
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    Local Antique Shop Find

    How do you like this tag restoration?
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    Local Antique Shop Find

    Just never know what your going to find sitting on a shelf in the local antique shop. Just a little dusty.
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    Wanted Federal Jr Brush

    Looking for a brush for a Federal Jr
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    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    What is this light in Mad Max?
  10. Skulldigger

    Displaying the toys

    It's all 12 or 6 volt, runs off of a Black and Decker Powerhouse.
  11. Skulldigger

    Displaying the toys

    But I always keep a George Hamilton tan ! Lol
  12. Skulldigger

    Displaying the toys

    Same system as everyone else, bought form Lowes. They also hold shelves so you can be creative with them. You can also wire them up easily this way.
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    Mars Signal Light Co. Type G siren by B&M

    Brakes are for sissies.
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    Person's Majestic Siren

    I recently added a fairly rare, Person's Majestic Siren to my collection. Estimated time period is 1920's to 1930's. The housing was cracked in several places and I was able to somewhat repair and stabilize them with soldering. I still need to remove the Projector and clean iit. It's actually...
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    Mars Signal Light Co. Type G siren by B&M

    Wow, that's a beauty ! Nice Coaster.

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