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    Yard Sale Find

    I think she cleaned up pretty nice.
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    Yard Sale Find

    Stopped at a small group yard sale today and picked up this Sireno R6 for $10. Someone has cut the power wire, but left enough to splice a new one. It's a bit rusty inside but with a little cleaning and polish it will sing again. The serial number is 62379 placing it about 1949. The R6 should...
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    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    The wife was watching The House of Dark Shadows, from 1970. Saw these police cars with Model 17's and two Dietz 7-50s mounted on a bar. Not a bad looking setup.
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    First one in the Wild

    The one we would have all run over looking at the light. Lol
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    First one in the Wild

    Did anyone see the kid sitting in the street next to the truck?
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    First one in the Wild

    Imagine your driving by and you see the light on the truck. You want a closer look so you take that street next to the truck. If your still looking at that light what might you miss in the street.
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    First one in the Wild

    Nice one. There is another easter egg in the view too. Lol
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    First one in the Wild

    Federal 27-S. These were used in interesting ways over the years. Most were on Firehouses, Police precincts, call boxes, industrial use on gates or alarm systems, even on boats. I have a 1956 model that was used on a New Haven Harbor Patrol Boat. Someone told me they saw one on a hotel in...
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    First one in the Wild

    First time I have ever seen one in the wild. Open Google maps and search this location. Use street view at the pin and see what you find. You can scroll your mouse to zoom in. 33.682086652756, -86.69235579876562
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    Late Model 17 dome interchangeability question

    I have 3 model 17's and a 175 and only one is marked F1, the clear dome on a 1971 mod 175. All have original domes as far as I know. The Amber is on a 1956 mod 17 that I bought from someone is Canada, it is a Saf-T-Ray 357-1. The Red is on a mid 1960's military 17 and doesn't have any...
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    Dash Laser question

    Can anyone tell me what this is and what the purpose of it is for the motor? I am putting a new motor in my Dash Laser and it does not have this. There was not one on the motor I removed either, but there is no ground wire for the motor and it will not run without one.
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    Twin Sonic issue.

    It can be the motor but it can also be something as simple as you have to much contacts pressure between the motor gear and the light gear. If the light's gear is slightly worn out of shape and the gears are pressed to tight against each other you get that alternating slowing. The best way to...
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    Grote Rotator Help

    It may just need some lubrication around the shaft. With the bulb cage removed power it up and see how strong the rotation is and if it is skipping like a gear missing teeth. It is is strong it may just need a good cleaning and lubrication so it doesn't drag as it spins.
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    New Siren, Federal 28?

    #stansdds have you ever done the date codes on these?
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    Grote Rotator Help

    Where does the motor mount? Looks different than mine

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