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    Code3 Wingman R/B/A CVPI

    Still available?
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    For Sale Feniex Pegasus Red with T/D Crown Vic Specific

    Very interested. Do you have a package price for both this and the rear one?
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    Wanted CVPI Shrouds

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    Wanted CVPI Shrouds

    Hey everybody, Just a quick post trying to allocate a passenger side shroud (only the one side) of an inner edge for a Crown Vic. And rear deck child restraint mounts for a TA. I have an abundance of PIU parts now that all my customers have the same vehicle...I just wish I had the...
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    For Sale Green Light Package - No Longer Available

    Still avail? How much for shipping to 13669?
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    2009 Chevrolet 1500 install

    Very the look of it and execution is perfect. THUMBS UP
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    System install

    When speaking of an air horn, please specify it's not an electronic air horn or I'm sure I am not the only one that thought of you putting an electronic one on...I completely agree, a true physical air horn is fine...I have a dual tone on my cruiser, bought and installed at Bike...
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    System install

    Sorry for the confusion, I am not the one with the bike...I hope the "you're" is for the original poster...I'd never mickey mouse a bike with equipment that's not allowed or needed.
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    System install

    Yes they did, and the law states that Blue is only police when it is accompanied with RED...Just Blue on it's own, or with white, or amber is a snow plow...just red is fire/ems..police is blue AND red together...
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    System install

    In Ontario, Green and white are the colors volunteer FF's may use to respond, and unlike states that require the vehicle passing certifications to use the lights...anyone can put green/white/amber in any combo to respond... however, because of the lack of records regarding who can and can't...
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    The New Ride - 2011 Ford Edge Limited

    No problem...I understand...thank you. I apologize for coming off the wrong way. I understand the siren etc... as I own an antique police car and similarly to can be installed but just don't use it or you're done. Aside from any former concerns, it does look awesome. I have to say it...
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    My 2003 Chevy 2500HD

    I love that rack you have...what is that? I find that the typical backrack on my plows is to common...the boss needs something different!

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