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    RAF Fire Service Museum

    Wasn't entirely sure where to put this, but it cropped up on my recommended feed. Fascinating look into the vehicles used by the Royal Air Force over the decades, alongside some civilian appliances.
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    The Best Response Video Thread

    Not sure how many of you will know about it, but back in 2003, the UK had a Firefighter strike over pay etc. Naturally, this meant the Armed Forces were called in to try and help cover. This, is a Green Goddess (nick name, it's actually a Bedford). Proper old school stuff, and in this video...
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    The Art Spot

  4. SomeBloke

    Behind the scenes

    One of the JDI International Spokespeople popped round earlier today, and asked if I was interested in the new Siren options.
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    Ramsey County, MN - Live on Patrol

    Have they found the treasure yet?
  6. SomeBloke

    The Best Response Video Thread

    As it's been a while...
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    Is eLightbars dying out?

    Yorkshire tea or nowt
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    Is eLightbars dying out?

    I'm still 'ere, periodically, to inject some Tea based solutions into things. And two tones.
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    Best light setup

    Vama edition from Federal Signal. Probably an AS380 box.
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    2015 Chevy 2500HD Install

    Have you thought about using a mini-bar instead of a full bar? Something like a mini-Justice would probably compliment the setup, more so than having a full bar stretched across the roof. A lot of maintenance vehicles over here have started to use more and more mini-bars and I have to say...
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    Vol/FF Rickey Lee Woods

    A very well done video of the procession and some of the service held, for Rickey's funeral. (This hits home a lot for me, as I know most of the folks in this, know the area and used to live 200 yards from the Church where it all ends) I can see at least 5 other area FD's turning out for this...
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    Vol/FF Rickey Lee Woods,29077 Words simply cannot describe this man enough. I worked for the City (Jail/Dispatch) in 2013 alongside him, many times Rickey would be the first one to the Fire Dept for medical calls, I never heard him...
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    Escort of a big Oxygen tank

    And again:
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    Escort of a big Oxygen tank

    My understanding on it, is it's all automatically linked, so it's unbiased between Emergency services and the public. Plus the way vehicle registration and insurance works here is quite different to the US, so the ticket goes to the registered owner/address regardless of whether or not they...
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    Escort of a big Oxygen tank

    Kind of, they have Police support staff that, usually in regards to the vehicle fleet, have to sift through the automatic camera tickets (you either get pulled over, or caught by camera, which sends a ticket to your address instead of court) to justify why the vehicle was speeding or running red...

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