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    Hi from LA

    Hey welcome to the forum!
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    POV Lighting Suggestion

    Don't go with Speed Tech.You might get lucky and have a decent light for a good amount of time. But, most likely, it'll burn out or die in some fashion. If you require a new light that's never been used, you can't beat SnM's Dual/Triple Threat.
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    Fire Force?

    Huh. Well, can't be that bad if it's from the same mind as Soul Eater. I think the last "new" anime I watched was.....Attack on Titan? Or Fairy Tail.. It's been some time since I checked out any of it for some time.
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    Fire Force?

    Hey, it could be a good one.
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    California Find (Mars Bar)

    Probably not worth the few dollars of gas to go scrap it. We gladly accept donations to the Sparky's Lightbar Museum. ;) Jokes aside, That'a damn good looking bar. I'd wager around $800 easily. I could see it going for around $1,500, all told.
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    Musical/Possessed Dot Matrix Printer!

    I can't say I blame you. I've never had a top of the line pc, but you could always play games, they weren't super high-end graphics from the 4th dimension. PC gaming is not really a hobby anymore, as most of it is geared towards those who stream it and make money from it. Consoles are too, to a...
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    Musical/Possessed Dot Matrix Printer!

    Still one of my favorite C&C OST tracks. I had completely forgotten about C&C. I played that, Starcraft, and Warcraft back in the day, too. Of course, now they won't bring back Warcraft, even though you can play Starcraft for free over at Blizzard. Can't forget about the First couple Diablo...
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    Hello from the west coast of Canada

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Musical/Possessed Dot Matrix Printer!

    I dunno if it has an official name, but it's the first song from the original Doom. I can't even fathom how many hours we spent on that game as kids.
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    List of brands

    Do we have a list of brands an their sub-brands/off-brands? Like Code 3 is owned by Ecco, I think, or it might be the other way around. I know some of these companies have other names that they sell products under.
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    Smith & Wesson / EEC 8848 in GREEN!

    Fine looking bar! And always a treat to see Walter!
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    I wake up and see this today

    @Jarred J. You sure you don't live in my old neighborhood? That sounds exactly like where i was, in San Bernardino. Although, my current place isn't too much better, now it's mostly just asshole neighbors and everyone's favorite game a few times a year: Fireworks or Gun shots!?
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    1985 Code 3 XL - Belt Tension too High, Seizes Motor - HELP!

    Man, that would be awesome to find at my local boneyard. I'd really enjoy going through a few of them. Didn't know they took ambulance chaser so literal.
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    Got a few new things/lightbar head change question

    I know. Aside from the Ecco light heads, I'm pretty sure everything else is just cheap junk.

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