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    Wanted 2x 4516 6V Par36 lamps

    FOUND.. thanks
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    For Sale Misc Lenses sale

    Sorry to hear about your mom, I was doing similar for the past year or so clearing out boxes of stuff that belonged to my grandparents. If I listed the Mrs. sewing stuff, you'd probably find me for sale in the Vintage, and NOT collectable section of ELB.. lol
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    the WTH does this goto thread

    woohoo.. now that I know what to call them, time to move em. har har.
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    For Sale Misc Lenses sale

    8.) LP6000 Red Dome NOS $100 9.) Whelen Red Strobe lense. Early Generation, Very Good to Excellent condition with some wear marks near the top. $50 10.) Whelen Super Advantedge lense inserts.. Both have excellent clarity, the top one has a fairly deep scratch going down...
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    For Sale Misc Lenses sale

    Welcome to the Mrs. is throwing a fit because of boxes in her sewing room sale thread. All items are as described, and all proceeds will goto the completion of other lightbar projects and do not include shipping. I will add more to this as I go along and I am always open to offers or...
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    the WTH does this goto thread

    And I will start it off.. I think its Whelen.. mostly because it came out of one of my boxes marked Whelen and it has a code of 96919 stamped on the rails. Almost seems like it might be for an advantedge or similar. #2.. No noticable markings other then an arrow on the top of the...
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    Wanted Trailblazer off-road lightbar
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    Wanted 2x 4516 6V Par36 lamps

    I am looking for 2 6V GE4516 spot bulbs. PM if you can help. Thanks, Rob
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    AeroDynic 25 CF Series A CrossFire

    Unfortunately there were no motors on this bar when I acquired it. I ended up putting a NOS motor on it, since i had a box of them (wish I still did). Along with having to locate a replacement motor for the CrossFire. Going by what I remember I believe Federal largely discontinued the...
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    Positive Purchase from EHFD_Tower_751

    Purchased a Blue liberty light head from @EHFD_Tower_751. Works as described. Thanks again. Rob
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    AeroDynic 25 CF Series A CrossFire

    I had a request to get some pictures of the CrossFire to see if there was a complete one. I had to dig around abit, got scared and thought this one might have been one of the "lost" ones from quite a few years back. Bar reads 85, but the motor I remember getting a NOS one when I first...
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    Lights from 1965 GMC Fire Truck questions

    Looks to be the smaller dome on the Model 17 so older light. In my experiences rebadged beacons tend to draw lower $$ then if the tag was Federal. Another Factor is overall condition, how do the internals look, dome condition.. etc. With all that said in my best Guesstimate.. I would...
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    Wanted Blue flasher filters for Twinsonic 12F

    Looking for a full set of blue filters for a 12F project. Long shot, but worth a try. so I need (4) thanks, Rob
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    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    I would like to add the entire ebay category under "AeroDynic" wth happened are these parts now made of precious metals!
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    Latest Craigslist Find

    @Maxim2Eng not a bad suggestion, I just think CA bars have been done to death TBH. I still need to determine what I want to do. First priority is replacing my jump pack, or buying a new battery for it. This one is shot.

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