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    Identify this beacon

    Its a 2/711 Multiple domes will fit this.
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    Happy Turkey Day

    Bumping this thread.. that time of the year again.. Happy Turkey day!
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    The rest of the junk I picked up

    So to wrap what I pulled back from my OH/Western PA trip. I present the rest of the crap.. Lets start with the crap.. ;) Edge 9000 looks to be mostly complete, I'll clean it up and part it out. If you need something here you see let me know. Star Interceptor bars? I think...
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    Positive Positive sale to fbueller

    Sold a set of Amber MX lenses to @fbueller. Good buyer paid promptly. Thanks again, Rob
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    Code 3 XL 5000

    Onto my next item on the list.. People on FB were telling me to YOLO on the wiring.. thank god that didn't happen.. anyone else see the problem?? here's some hints.. Next to impossible to see this when the domes are on.. you can look at the other pictures and red just blends together...
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    Lectric Lites Strobe Ranger LL300

    So I had some free time this afternoon, the weather cooperated more and I ran with it. Boy did this manufacturer have some surprises. Mostly Fiberglass, probably so rare because its pretty fragile when you get down to it. So there was no wiring harness with this bar.. had a quick connect...
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    What's this worth?

    Apparently the listing is now up to $300. lol
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    Code 3 XL 5000

    Another recent acquisition during my road trip. XL5000 appears to be a short, with Stingrays, and alleys. This one comes from just outside of Pittsburgh, power cable is cut pretty short and before I power it up I just want to verify what does what. going by colors on a Code 3 bar...
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    Lectric Lites Strobe Ranger LL300

    Finally have some time to pull out and give this bar a wipe down. Quite the rare bird, both bar and blue lenses. Seems to be a very basic version of the LL300, the few others I have seen are setup differently, usually with par 36 flashers inboard. This bar has inner V mirrors and...
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    For Sale Lightbar Frames

    Jet frame sold to @smitty711
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    Lightbar Tint

    So I have been involved with "committees" enough to understand that these options, while on the outside would seem silly usually have a grain of reason behind them. Sometimes a really small grain of reason. What problem or issue is a non tinted bar presenting? Is there any supporting...
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    Lectric Lites Ranger XLR

    Now you need to find some flashers, to take advantage of the amber cutouts.
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    What's this worth?

    I've run across that ad a few times on FB marketplace. I had a buddy in Oregon reach out to him, but he was ghosted. I think the AD had it listed for $250. I'd probably say that is pretty fair. Not worth to ship though.. IMO.

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