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    Powering a Federal Beacon Ray

    My mistake, it's a 64 watt bulb, so you would need about 11.6 amps continuous power.
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    Powering a Federal Beacon Ray

    If it has the correct bulb, the bulb is rated at 74 watts. The bulb alone is going to pull about 12.3 amps, then add another amp for the motor and you need a 6 VDC power supply that can provide a constant 13.3 amps minimum plus a few extra amps as motors tend to pull extra current as they start...
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    can anyone positively identify this?

    Based on the shape of the beacon's dome and base, I'd say that is a Signal Stat bar.
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    Estate FlashBall Find / Help Identify

    Can't help you with that sealed beam monstrosity, but it might have been a shop fabricated deal. The real Flashball is a great find, those things, although when new were 2/3 the price of a Fireball, are now worth a lot more than a Fireball.
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    can anyone positively identify this?

    The specs on the strobe bar put it at only 4.5 amps, not much at all. The Federal 184 would be around 10 amps, assuming the bulbs are 4416's and not halogen.
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    can anyone positively identify this?

    Yeah, if the strobe power supply isn't enough, the beacon motor surely is.
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    can anyone positively identify this?

    Yes, a bit unusual, but like Pete L. said, everything in the 70's was unusual. It was an interesting time in which to live.
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    Federal CT-1 lightbar

    Seeing as how so few exist today, I'd say production numbers were quite limited. It's much easier to find a CTS TwinSonic than it is to find a CT 1 bar.
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    A bargain!

    Wow! What are they smoking and did they bring enough for everyone?
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    Federal CT-1 lightbar

    The CT-1, known as the California Twin Beacon Ray, utilized a pair of what appeared to be a pair of 184 beacons on a Visibar. The 184 on the passenger side was a standard version Model 184, the one on the driver's side lacked a motor and instead had a forward facing, steady burn PAR-46 lamp...
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    For Sale Model 14, Federal Sign and Signal dual sealed beam beacon

    The large diameter dome for the Models 17, 173, 174, 175, 176, and Titan will fit the Model 14.
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    First one in the Wild

    Oh, yeah, I see it. Interesting use.
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    Franken Aero!

    You're right, it could have been so much worse.
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    My latest find!! Jet - goodness

    Nice mini-Jetstream for $100. The mini-Aerodynic for $200? Uhhhh... Granted, it comes with a nice, long cable and mounting feet and appears to be in excellent condition, I presume the lens on the right side of the picture is not deformed and that the sag across the top is due to camera lens...
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    1029 miles in 15.5 hours

    Nice pick up! The Condor is so noisy even the collie couldn't stand it and the Jetstream was blessed with a Meteor split fail. Still, nice, vintage... wait... I remember when these were the newest things around.

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