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    VME100 issues?

    I have a Vertex VX4000 that I slipped a VME4000 into. But cant seem to get the software to recognize it. I put the Radio into SB CLONE mode before trying to read it, told the CE49 software that it was in there. But still nothing. Anything I am forgetting??
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    VX4000 Remote head install

    Hooking up an old VX4000 for a project. First time hooking up a remote head Vertex. The Head unit keeps going into SLAVE mode, and it is the only head hooked to the RF deck. Anyone care to shed a little light on the subject? I would assume there is some programming to be done but not sure how to...
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    Vertex VX5500 Motorcycle install?

    Looking at putting a Vertex VX5500 in the saddle bag with a CNT5000 control head. I have the radio, I have the control head, what is the part number of the cable that connects them? Ive read CT-81 or 82, and Ive read CT-112. The CT112 looks to have an 8 pin plug on it as well.. thats what's...
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    Wanted Whelen Slimlighter or similar?

    Looking for either R/R or R/W Whelen Slimlighters, doesn't have to be new, or pretty. Would also consider anything similar, for dash/windshield mount application. Not picky about brand name.. Just needs to work and have more than 4 or 5 inches of cord. Let me know what ya have. Many thanks.
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    Wanted Whelen M9 Scene lights

    Volunteer Fire dept looking for 1 or more clear Whelen M9 scene lights. Either version will work, but would prefer the upgraded version. At $300-$400/each, we would obviously be happy shopping used.
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    Wanted R/R and/or R/W Mini Phantoms

    FEVER, Ill take your all red 5mm on payday this week.
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    Wanted R/R and/or R/W Mini Phantoms

    Thank you, watching a set on a FB auction site. If I dont win those, I will let you know!! Appreciate all the quick replies!
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    Wanted R/R and/or R/W Mini Phantoms

    If nothing else might hit you up for the 5mm.... will know in a day or two.
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    Wanted R/R and/or R/W Mini Phantoms

    Working on an install project. Looking for 2 5mm Mini Phantoms, either both R/R or 1 R/R and 1 R/W. Dont need flashback shields, but at least 1 mounting bracket would be superb. Tango
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    ISO Vertex VX-510 Accessories

    Looking for spare batteries and charger for Vertex VX-510 (Low Band). Will also consider any other accessories for the right price. ( programming, mic, holster, antenna, etc etc. 
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    Lots of Lights/ Sirens need to Go!

    F/S MS4000U Still Available?
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    Red and White Vector Domes, Five-O Dash Light

    Thanks to those that replied. I hope I didn't forget to PM anyone. Sorry it took so long to respond. ..... I have located the Vector lenses locally. But am glad to see there is such a great online support group for all my future needs.
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    Red and White Vector Domes, Five-O Dash Light

    Looking for 2Red/1White or 3 Red domes for Vector bar, also looking for a RED Five-0 Dash light with mirrors.  

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