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    The " Torch" is here..

    Feniex pays maybe $200 for that light and some dumbass dealers will pay $1000 for it and actually sucker some customer into paying $1200 for a Chinese made light worth $200. It’s a joke and insulting to the companies that support Made in the USA.
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    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it Feniex Industries?

    Feniex is not a manufacturer PERIOD! They assemble some products as a way to try and fool people into thinking they manufacturer (Made In the USA) however this is a complete lie and a fact. Just this week Chinese company Sanmak that makes the Feniex Beacon and the AM900 Flood light cancelled...
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    Red AM 600 comparison..

    I just posted on another page but these things are junk and you are correct the magnets are only good for one thing a paperweight and even thats questionable.
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    Feniex Beacon

    Feniex Beacon is a joke. We are only stocking Amber and if you need a magnet mount don't bother with it. The magnet should not be used unless you are stationary.
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    Strobes N More Black Friday Sale

    Black Friday deals thru midnight. No codes to enter, no lines, just rock bottom pricing on the best brands in the industry. Oh and free shipping to boot for ELB members.
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    Strobes N More Black Friday Sale

    For those members who have been asking Sale starts at midnight. Monday Whelen will be on sale all day as well.
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    Strobes N More Free Shipping Code

    Just want to let everyone we have made 1 change to our free shipping policy and that is going forward it will exclude Havis and Setina. This is due to the extra charges we incur on these items. They are heavy! Anyway code is still ELB and any questions let me know. Thanks for your...
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    Strobes n more new lights

    Couple things, we don't rebrand Axixtech lights and we don't void your warranty if you cut the plugs on our lights. We actually give you instructions on how to cut the plug and tell you what wire does what.
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    Strobes N More Black Friday Sale 2015

    All Strobes N More Brand items are on sale now!
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    Strobes N More Black Friday Sale 2015

    Lots of good things happening this year!  We have some new lightheads, mini bar, and some awesome dual color flood/warning bars coming out! Whelen goes on Sale Cyber Monday as well. 
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    Stolen Credit Card used by John Bozzone

    Thread can be locked. We have all the info we need to prosecute and his employer is now involved.
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    Stolen Credit Card used by John Bozzone

    I am posting this here because he used an Elightbars free shipping code.  Maybe someone knows him.  He had it shipped to 1 Bridge Plaza, in Fort Lee NJ where he works security.  We are going after him but wanted to warn the other dealers in case they see an order under this guys name.   He's...
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    Strobes N More Black Friday Sale!

    I am not allowed to state you can call for a lower price. However you can call and at that point we can offer you any price we want. Hope to hear from you. Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Strobes N More Black Friday Sale!

    This year we will run our Sale from 5AM-5PM EST.   However, due to Whelens MAP policy we can't discount pricing on our web site site.  Call with any questions.  And don't forget to check out the new Lion and Tiger Series LEDs.  They are awesome!  Louis

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