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      t24t1000 reacted to ffjwhite's post in the thread Whelen Core X Outputs Not Working with Like Like.
      Well I Pulled a bonehead move. I guess there was a setting under my Trans - Range setting under park that was shutting them outputs off. I forgot I did this and needed to use my Trans Park instead.
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      t24t1000 reacted to DeadStone's post in the thread Sad day on the whelen website with Like Like.
      Update: For those of you who aren't aware, you can still access the old Whelen website due to the wonders of "Wayback machine." This has recorded a bunch of versions of the website. Navigate to...
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      t24t1000 reacted to NoLimitSquads's post in the thread Core-S with Like Like.
      No kidding. I’ve been thinking that for awhile. We used to have strobe power supplies that flashed the “steady” burn lights. Then it was a bunch of “smart” leds with built in flashers, that just...
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      t24t1000 reacted to JohnMarcson's post in the thread Core-S with Like Like.
      It isn't a terrible idea..... but I find it a bit funny that making switchboxes back into one unit is "progress".
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      t24t1000 reacted to NoLimitSquads's post in the thread Core-S with Like Like.
      Haven’t seen any yet. They just released it at FPCX about a month ago.. At Whelens pace, it’ll probably take a few months to get them out.
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