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    Vintage Catalogs: JC Whitney

    I too loved the JCW catalog. I drove down there to get parts for my Ford Bronco back in the late 80's - early 90's. As part of a prop for a science fiction convention I mounted four of those with 2 double faced lollipop lights and a Radio Shack siren to a wooden cargo bar that we put on my...
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    Happy Turkey Day

    Likewise. Happy T-day to all. Be safe.
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    Flash Pattern Designing

    It would be really awesome if Whelen updated Command to allow the placement of various models of their products on a blank vehicle type (sedan, SUV, pickup, engine, ladder) and then allowed simulated views of how the different patterns would appear. I know it would involve a fair amount of...
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    5-0 Dash lights

    Did you live in Illinois? I found these on FBM the other day: Unfortunately, although I'd expressed an interest and agreed to the price, when I got off duty today and contacted the seller, he'd sold them to a guy who bought some other lights last night. <insert very loud and angry list of...
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    What Model and amos?

    Yes, but only to bench test using power supplies.
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    What Model and amos?

    Man, Tomar's documentation sucks. The installation manual for a 930N-4805 I found suggests a 35 Amp "master fuse or breaker". https://www.truckntow.com/productspecs/LBS-05012-16+23Manual.pdf
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    Got an old AreoDynic for free

    Good on'ya, mate!
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    2021 F250

    Wheel well lights doubling as scene illumination was a nice touch.
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    We lost a great friend.

    We are diminished.
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    Whelen Gen2 CANTROL issue

    As a resi/commercial spark forced to dabble in networking, I was about to offer my $0.02 when I saw: Great explanation.
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    2021 PIU Spoiler removal

    Have you seen this? You probably have - not trying to be a smart*, really.
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    Whelen Flash Pattern demonstration ??

    Whelen's site USED to have it, but whey they did their big renovation a year or two ago it disappeared. It may have been tied to the downfall of Flash, but who knows.
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    Rifle mount location

    I've seem them mounted along the console on the passenger side muzzle down, either in the "high rise": or the "low rise" mount:

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