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    Jetsonic Jetstream red domes

    How rare are these?, don't see them to often, so no clear domes with red filters but true colored red/blue/amber domes. Any info appreciated! and are thay still being made?
  2. Thomas1234

    TWINSONIC CTS in New Zealand

    It's funny to see they used this Wooper siren in there, the CTS i recieved from the US got the same siren!
  3. Thomas1234

    red and blue glass lens information

    Thanks for the info guys!
  4. Thomas1234

    red and blue glass lens information

    Anyone? could these be Mars parts?
  5. Thomas1234

    Model 19 Federal Signal Propelloray restoration completed.

    This was some serious restoration, all the stuff inside was rusted, light came from the US shipped to the Netherlands. Very happy to own it including some battle damage1 (And it's that COOL Ecto-1 Ghostusters beacon)
  6. Thomas1234

    Lens, dome etc cleaning and polishing

    Made this video of how i did the cleaning of my clear Twinsonic domes: hope it helps!
  7. Thomas1234

    red and blue glass lens information

    Can anyone identify these type of lights? diameter of the lens itself is 5 inch Thanks for any information!
  8. Thomas1234

    Wanted Wanted Tomar Heliobe blue and red lights.

    Got 3 ambers NOS lightbars, would like to convert 2 of them to red/blue. Any help appreciated! Need shipping to the Netherlands
  9. Thomas1234

    Wanted Tomar strobes (amber)

    Maybe trade, looking for blue and red ones, (Neobe)
  10. Thomas1234

    Got my Dream pickup, 6 vintage lightbars!

    still looking for info about those rotators, meanwhile look at this great picture!, Nuclear transport / french police
  11. Thomas1234

    Italian lightbar Sirena

    still looking for an image of the rotators used in this light bar...i found a nice french pictures of this giant bar on this tiny car. Any help appreciated!
  12. Thomas1234

    NYPD Aerodynic?

    Almost done: Working on the restoration of the NYPD Aerodynic 24RMVF-2Z. Replaced side domes (paint was to hard to remove!), 2500 grt wetsanding and buffing of the rest of the domes. cleaned all inner parts. 80% complete, getting there.
  13. Thomas1234

    NYPD Aerodynic?

    While cleaning and buffing i removed the date...thought is was 198..something...maybe 87
  14. Thomas1234

    NYPD Aerodynic?

    This other config looks also NYPD, at least from the inside, was blue/blue 3.5 used at all in the US?
  15. Thomas1234

    NYPD Aerodynic?

    concerning the bulbs on this bar: GE 4416 and GE FOG (red pars have been changed to amber fog lights, as this light was used for towtruck function)

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