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    Posting to guage anyone's interest in a collection in Oklahoma

    Thread locked by staff due to no price / pictures, which are required for classifieds. We are allowing the post to remain in the vintage discussion area to help this member. As he stated, PM him if you are interested.
  2. Tony P

    Vintage Catalogs: 911ep

    2001 catalog provided by @ropersupplyco
  3. Tony P

    Wanted Street hawk Decals

    @ryan was reproducing them I believe
  4. Tony P

    New Member Arkansas

    Welcome to the forum! Lots of knowledgeable folks here
  5. Tony P

    Travel Scrabble

    I'd like a chicken WING about now
  6. Tony P

    Selling Amber Lighting

    Be sure to list them in our classifieds section and not on this thread. Good luck with the sales! Looks like you have a lot of interested parties
  7. Tony P

    Hello from the Uk

    Welcome to the forums! We have a few other European members that have done some detailed restorations.
  8. Tony P

    New member, old lurker...

    Welcome to the site! Don't hesitate to ask questions or join a discussion
  9. Tony P vs. Vehicle Lighting

    I'm thankful they have not made it on to this forum.
  10. Tony P

    Is eLightbars dying out?

    Then surely you saw my messages about the Nighthawk :)
  11. Tony P

    For Sale Police/Security/Tow Truck/Construction Lights and Equipment

    I see you commented to this thread with a price of $750 or make an offer.
  12. Tony P

    For Sale Police/Security/Tow Truck/Construction Lights and Equipment

    @jakedog35 a starting price is required for all ads at time of creation. Typically, non-compliant posts are deleted. Due to the level of work in this one, I am giving you the chance to update it instead.
  13. Tony P

    Anyone know TactMedic??

    I am going to lock this thread then as the dispute has been resolved in your favor by PayPal. Feel free to leave a transaction feedback for the member as you see fit. If he returns he can explain his side to admin.
  14. Tony P

    Anyone know TactMedic??

    I have locked out the rest his for sale ads and reached out to him again. @octoberguy77 please advise when PayPal makes their ruling or if you hear from him
  15. Tony P

    Anyone know TactMedic??

    Has be responded via PayPal at all? I have been unsuccessful reaching him here and he has not logged back in.

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