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    174 Gear Works

    Now this is a great post! Photos, VIDEO, and info. Thanks for that! One item I don't yet have in my own collection.
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    Hello from Southern California

  3. Tony P

    Hi from UK

    Welcome! We have several members who are quite knowledgeable in Aerodynics as well as members across Europe. Be sure to post a wanted ad with what you're looking for and I'm sure someone will have it
  4. Tony P

    Yet another what is this?

    Is it possible that they can actually last this long???
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    Breakout box firmware update

    If I remember correctly, member @John Smith is familiar with the software
  6. Tony P

    Whelen liberty moisture issues

    Did you use the search function?
  7. Tony P

    Help me save EFDs ladder 1

    To be clear, this is for you personally and not the Elmira Fire Department, correct?
  8. Tony P

    Wanted EES COPLITE

    That was marked sold in March
  9. Tony P

    Whelen SC Programmer needed

    It's fine so long as you aren't trying to profit off of it. The only software we don't allow comes from the big M in radio comms as they are hyper sensitive about such.
  10. Tony P

    Whelen SC Programmer needed

    Looks like a few members in this thread have it, maybe shoot them a PM to see if they can assist:
  11. Tony P

    For Sale Dietz strobe beacon

    No longer available
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    What's Up!
  13. Tony P

    What's Up!

    It's in the Ring which is limited to subscribing members.
  14. Tony P

    What's Up!

    I'm glad you two could rekindle the flame.
  15. Tony P

    Wanted S&W plastics and parts FOUND.

    He is on here as @Usmc69187

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