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    Federal Signal Aerodynic Domes-Made to order/Factory direct

    The member has not been back online here since February 2019. I have seen on another forum that he no longer offers this service. You may wish to created a parts wanted ad instead. I have locked this thread to prevent further frustration
  2. Tony P

    Whelen Inner Edge Brackets; Ford Crown Victoria

    Wanted ads are supposed to be locked (by me) after 6 months of activity. I must have missed this one. The member in this case, has not been back online since posting this. It is always best to check that they are still an active member on some of these long dormant threads. Happy New Year to you...
  3. Tony P

    Shade of blue led lights

    Which @Strobesnmore product is it? Hopefully me tagging them will bring them on to assist you
  4. Tony P

    Emergency Vehicle Upfitting and Graphics

    Their facebook and website appear current and @dpm9917 was online this month
  5. Tony P

    Ok I just gotten my Aerodynic EAH

    Please keep this discussion limited to technical discussion as this isn't the classified ads area of the site. Feel free to discuss purchases via private message. Thank you!
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    LenH, please contact me

    After many weeks of attempting to assist in resolving this, LenH has been banned. He has been increasingly deceptive to site staff and the involved members. We will not tolerate those who come to defraud our members or take advantage of them.
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    Mx7000 arrow-stik troubles

    The member quit waiting 2 years ago. They haven't been on since 2017 haha.
  8. Tony P

    2002 Trailblazer POV

    And hasn't been online since April...
  9. Tony P

    120V to 12V Power Supply for Vintage Beacons

    This has been discussed numerous times. Here is the main thread on it: Using the search function will yield other results.
  10. Tony P

    Wanted LED (CUDA) Modules for Streethawk

    Thanks for clarifying!
  11. Tony P

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Tony P

    Hello from California!

    Welcome aboard!
  13. Tony P

    Wanted LED (CUDA) Modules for Streethawk

    Those should be and to pop in to it. Here is the link to the install instructions for the actual LED kit:
  14. Tony P

    Wanted LED (CUDA) Modules for Streethawk

    Here you go:
  15. Tony P

    Support Resolved- Issues with posting listings

    @Cleaning Traffic did the thread I linked above help solve your issues? Just looking to close this out if possible.

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