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    Wanted LAPD or LA Spec Arjent, Other Equipment for 2010 Crown Victoria Restoration

    Okay thanks, if you have one let me know I’d be interested.
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    Wanted LAPD or LA Spec Arjent, Other Equipment for 2010 Crown Victoria Restoration

    Hello, I am looking for the following items to restore an original LAPD Crown Victoria. I will also consider any lights that are similar in spec but not original LAPD. 1- Federal Signal Arjent S2 - Red/Blue with amber SignalMaster 2- Federal Signal SmartSiren SM SS2000-LAPD 3- Federal Signal...
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    LAPD 2002 Ford Crown Victoria center console

    As far as I know, most of not all unmarked Crown Victorias were very simple and did not have consoles. This is how a 2002 would have been set up inside.
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    Wanted Federal Signal BP100 Speaker

    I believe this is the best photo I have right now.
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    Wanted Federal Signal BP100 Speaker

    I am on the hunt for a Federal BP100 speaker. Preferably with a mounting bracket for a 1991 Chevy Caprice but I know that’s a long shot. I need at least one. Let me know what you have.
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    Wanted WANTED: CHP Items for Vehicle Restoration

    How much? Are they the same style that could be used in the 6” Spotlight?
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    Wanted WANTED: CHP Items for Vehicle Restoration

    Hello all, I am looking for help acquiring any and all of the following items, for the restoration of a 1988 Dodge CHP truck: - Red bulb for Spotlight. - Federal Signal CC1 Siren/Light controller. - OR an original GE Rangr setup. - CHP PAR46 deck light set. - MICOR Radio (CHP spec preferred). -...
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    ISO Digicom MDT-870 manual

    Did you ever find this? I am building an LAPD car and have the MDT, but looking for info on it, and a correct mount.
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    Help with NYPD Dodge Diplomat Highway Restoration

    Hello all, I am looking for assistance with replicating the interior setup on a 1988 Dodge Diplomat which I am restoring as NYPD Highway Patrol. I am looking for information on how the switches that controlled the lights would have been mounted in the dash, and what type of switches were used...
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    Wanted Smart siren SS2000SM

    I have a SmartSiren for sale. Also, I see your Caprice and I could use some help, I am working on an NYPD restoration myself and have a couple questions for you. Send me a message if possible, is really appreciate the help. Thanks!
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    Wanted NYPD PA300

    QUOTE="jdh, post: 661759, member: 12518"] I might have one or two PA300. Im not sure if it is from NYPD. What markings should I look for? Thanks JDH It should have a label on it somewhere with the serial and model number, usually on the bottom, it should have NY, NYC or NYPD in the model number.
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    Wanted NYPD PA300

    I am in search of two NYPD spec PA300 sirens for vehicle restorations. Would prefer working order but I’ll take a look at whatever you have. I’d be willing to trade for other equipment (I have new and vintage) or purchase. Let me know!

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