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    Post Mount Spotlight 15+ Tahoe

    If there is a notch milled into the side of the shaft that the handle slides over, this is called a flat. If your light has a flat you will use one set of wedge and wedge screw. If it does not you will use a different set. With Flat: U-8384-P Wedge...
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    Post Mount Spotlight 15+ Tahoe

    Links for wedge and wedge screw used to secure handle are below. For tightening the light there is a metal piece that connects the head of the light to the shaft of the light. On the bottom of this piece there are three screws. The one closest to the shaft controls swing of the shaft. Tightening...
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    Beacon parts?

    Ring Assembly: Clear Dome:
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    Motor swap?

    Maybe. If they are the same vintage we used sameish motors for RV25 and RV46. We had different generations of motors throughout the life of the RV line and to my understanding those motors do not switch between each other, but the fit of the motor for RV25 and 46 built at the same time would...
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    Wiring for a Unity RV-25

    This is a old parts sheet with 25 on it. Not sure how helpful it will be but it's the closest we have.
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    Are these RV-25 Parts ?

    Didn't have a much time to do this so it's a little rough but hopefully gets the info across. Numbers correspond to attached picture 1. These are our motors but we had two version that looked the same so cannot tell for sure from picture. One was faster one was slower. If they are the faster...
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    Wanted Wanted Unity RV26 OR RV46

    If you find one without a red dome, We still have red domes available:
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    Can you identify this Unity light?

    This is a model S6 AG Series Decklight. The part missing on top is for the name plate that would identify the model. This is an older version from the one we currently make but still very similar. We no longer carry red lamps. Also there should be a switch to turn the light on and off on the...
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    RV-45 gear replacement issue

    The gear shaft is held in place by two snaps rings on the shaft that match into grooves on the shaft. Removing the snap rings would allow the shaft to be pulled out. I do not have a way to remove them, we don't have any disassembly instructions.
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    RV-26 vs. RV-46 Flashes Per Minute

    3018 Gear/Shaft Kit is now online:
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    RV-45 gear replacement issue

    3018 Gear/Shaft Kit is now online:
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    RV-26 vs. RV-46 Flashes Per Minute

    That version doesn't have a trick, but gets noisy when the bronze gear 7684 wears out. Due to how it is assembled we used to sell the gear as part of a Gear/Shaft Replacement kit and couldn't sell it on its own. Based on our system it looks like we still have the parts but have not sold it in a...
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    Unilite manual

    My understanding is that the light is old enough that back when it was first made it was decided the light was simple enough that a manual wasn't needed. Then it just never got one. Still isn't a manual on bill of materials.
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    Unilite manual

    We do not have a manual for the Unilite. What information do you need? We may be able to help.
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    RV-26 vs. RV-46 Flashes Per Minute

    Kinda, but depends on the version. If you could send a picture of it, we can take a look and offer suggestion.

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