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    Mini bar - help me figure it out

    Here’s a color pic of it in a 1999 Galls catalog I found at my department.
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    What elb'er made this clone bar?

    Not to be off track from what you're looking for, but this was done back a few years ago in Saginaw County Michigan. Interesting mounting system and lighting setup.
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    WS-227A Wiring and Harness/Cabling Types

    Found it! Here's the manual for the Whelen WS-227A. Hopefully it loads. Feel free to copy to the Vintage Whelen area as well
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    WS-227A Wiring and Harness/Cabling Types

    I might have a copy of the install guide in the archives at my department that Whelen sent us some years back. We used the WS-227A in conjunction with our Edge 9000's back in the 80's. I'll check and forward it to you if I can locate it
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    digital ally video manager cd

    We have one DVM 500+ and one DVM 800HD. The 800HD is garbage. The VuVault Software is the most user un-friendly I've dealt with yet. The old Video Manager Software was easier to navigate through and was on a CD. The VuVault Software doesn't come on a CD and is remotely loaded on you desktop...
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    My POV and department truck

    POV on left is a much better pattern.
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    Impala PPV Orange, yellow, and red/white wires

    In the second (2nd) picture, the "two pin plug" is tied into the trunk latch switch. It's for the trunk mounted lights. I'll check on our Impala 9C1 on the orange & yellow wires next time I'm at the dept. In the first (1st) picture, I'm guessing that's in the passenger foot well fuse panel? If...
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    Need one of these Whelen bulbs - - FOUND

    Adamson Industries. I recently ordered a couple strobe tubes from them. They might not be in-stock, but they can typically get them. Mine took about 3 weeks to get, but I still got them. If the link doesn't work, go to...
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    2015 Tahoe & Setina Push Bar

    I drive a 2016 PPV 9C1 with the Setina push bumper and the double wraps. No wobble on paved roadways or gravel two-tracks. Have warning lights, off-road lights and speaker to add to the weight. I see its mounted to the area where the tow-hooks would ordinarily be located. Might need to...
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    Vista OHSP Man Down LED Wiring

    Not sure if it'll help, but the pdf is attached for the Federal Signal OSHP Vista. It does mention the "Man Down" (blue LED) and gray wire on page 3, 4 & 5. Got it off Federal Signal website.
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    2016 Tahoe PPV Dash Backlight

    Thanks for the reply. That's the route I went. Needed to buy the "terminated wire" from GM ($7.95) as it wasn't included with the up-fitter wiring. It dims the backlighting down to the lowest setting (doesn't actually black-out the lighting) & disables the parking lights when the remote start...
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    2016 Tahoe PPV Dash Backlight

    Feel free to locate question to another forum if not posted in right area. Just recently got a Chevrolet Tahoe PPV and see that when the headlamps are off the dash backlighting goes to full intensity (total officer safety issue in my book). They won't dim with the dimmer switch when the...
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    For Sale Vintage police radar

    Looks like a Kustom Electronics (Signal) MR7
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    Stalker radar with Digital Ally help please.

    do you have at least one user set up and have you deleted the .hex off the cf card? I have no knowledge of the stalker brand radar but some kustom radars required a gateway box to use with the digital alley cameras. which model camera are you using? we run the 500 plus.
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    Caprice vss help

    The VSS or VSO is the orange 20ga. wire in the right front footwell. It is in the same "loom" or "mess" of wires for the Radio Mute (white wire), Hot out of Park (yellow/black), Hot Start Run (pink/blue) & Hot Accy Run (brown). Hope this helps.

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