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    9/11 Ambulance Unit

    I like the slow rising PA300 wail (2:08 - 2:26). It's either a silver face or early black face unit. A Mack CF series fire engine pulls up after the siren stops.
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    Question About Building an LASD/LACOFD Platter

    The squad shown in the beginning of the pilot episode of Emergency (Squad 10?) had a platter with a Federal C5G mechanical siren on it. The siren sound that was dubbed in for that truck was a recording of a B&M S8.
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    tsquale's siren thread - update 12/16/19

    I prefer the lower pitched setting.
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    Vintage Catalogs: Smith & Wesson

    I also have an early Magnum IV like the second one in that video. I love that slow 'wah wah wah' yelp.
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    tsquale's siren thread - update 12/16/19

    Best wail: Dietz Best yelp: PA10
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    Vintage Catalogs: Smith & Wesson

    Those are the late model Magnum sirens. I have the Magnum IV B. It sounds like a cross between an early 1980s Southern VP SA400 and a General Electric Power-Call/Siren.
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    pa 1000

    A PA1000 is a PA200 mounted in a larger box with a light control panel. Both the PA200 and PA1000 were introduced in 1974, but I believe the PA1000 was discontinued in the early 1980s.
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    What are the most popular sirens people are using?

    I'm not a fan of the shrill sound of Federal mechanical sirens, but I like the sound of the 70 series more than the Q series.
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    Unmarked Police Cars on TV and their Dashlights

    The sirens sound like Unitrol 80Ks.
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    Fyr-Fyter Penetrator push button siren

    1960s vintage electronic sirens are good to collect because they have lower pitched wail and yelp tones than the sirens we hear nowadays.
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    Thanks to a friend...

    I see a PA15A series 1D (1960s version with the slow rising low-pitched wail tone). :)
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    The Greatest Find I've Committed to.....

    That was where I first saw the Aurora Borealis too. Nice restoration.
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    Federal Signal Electronic Siren Serial Numbers

    I don't know who made that list, but it's incomplete.
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    Uncommon catch. Rochester, MN FD - Maintenance 1

    It looks more like a rescue squad than a maintenance truck.
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    Federal Signal Electronic Siren Serial Numbers

    The PA20A series B (c. mid 1980s) and PA150 are missing from the list.

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