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    Best light setup

    I like the low-pitched wail and yelp tones.
  2. Wailer

    Mayberry Light

    After listening to the siren sounds in the video clips, the siren sounds like a B&M S-8 to me.
  3. Wailer

    Mastercom B and Z3 discontinued?

    The yelp sounds better, but the wail sounds similar to the old Mastercom and VCON sirens. Not that it's a bad thing - that wicked windup on the wail tone is uniquely Code 3. No other brand of siren sounds like that.
  4. Wailer

    Dunbar-Nunn Unitrol 800 schematic diagram

    The 800 has a fast rising slow falling wail tone and a fast yelp cycle. The tones are high-pitched somewhat like the 1970s Federal electronic sirens.
  5. Wailer

    Ecto 1 Rebuild

    It looks like a Federal C5G rotor/stator assembly put into a Sterling Model 30 rear housing.
  6. Wailer

    Recognize this assembly?

    I saw a Smith and Wesson version. In Canada, during latter half of the 1970s and into the 1980s the RCMP had Federal Twin Sonic and Dietz Omni Chief light bars on their patrol cars.
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    Whelen WS-295-MP made in 1986 with Tri-Tone!

    The tri tone sounds better than the yelp.
  8. Wailer

    Dual Federal Sign and Signal PA-1 sirens

    They are solid state. Unlike the later sirens the components are not mounted on a printed circuit board.
  9. Wailer

    Do LAPD still use vehicles from the 2000s?

    The siren in the Chevrolet Tahoe sounds like a PA200.
  10. Wailer

    Collision Rescue - 70's

    The electronic siren sounds a bit like a Unitrol 800.
  11. Wailer

    Lotsofbars' Updated Collection!

    I see a PA15A series 1E to the right. Likely late 1970s vintage.
  12. Wailer

    B&M in the house

    In my opinion, the best sounding mechanical siren ever made.
  13. Wailer

    That's not a real light....

    Where I live, a clothing store used those beacons at every cashier back in the 1970s.
  14. Wailer

    17/184 combo

    But the first electronic siren (Stat VI) NYPD used had an awesome sounding yelp. The only ones I like are the B&M S8 and Sterling model 30. Federal 66s and Qs sound too shrill and tinny.
  15. Wailer

    Question About Building an LASD/LACOFD Platter

    The Crown Firecoach is equipped with a Federal PA20 electronic siren (c. mid 1960s). The siren sound that was dubbed in for that truck is a recording of a B&M S8 mechanical siren. The early Crown Firecoaches did come equipped with S8s, and some of them are seen in Emergency. The PA20 sound...

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