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    Wanted Sound Off (Galls) Model 28 Dual Dashlight

    Looking for a sound off model 28 strobe dash light in blue blue. Pic is a red one i found online to use for reference. If you have the dash light and two single deck lights to go with it would be awesome. Thanks.
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    For Sale SOLD Unity RV-25 with Stratolite Dome

    Unit works. Asking $40 plus shipping or pick up local in Westville, IN or close by.
  3. westville2021

    Motor swap?

    @UnityUSA is it possible to swap an RV-25 motor to an RV-46? My RV-46 motor is sluggish and doing 50 FPM. I have an RV-25 just sitting around collecting dust and the motor in it is good.
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    Wanted Unity RV-26

    Thank you. I found spit fire domes for it tho.. now I just need the light. Grrr.
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    Wanted Unity RV-26

    Looking for a Unity RV-26. Must be working and at least a 7 or higher out of 10 in mechanical and base/hardware condition. I have a blue dome for it so not worried about that. Let me know what’s out there or if you know where I can find one. Thank you pic is what I’m ultimately looking for when...
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    Wanted Whelen Freedom heads

    Im converting a Mini edge strobe to Freedom LED heads. Here's what I need: 1. Four 12 head corners Blue 2. Four 400 Blue over Amber or Blue over any color. I can have Wilson put amber in if needed. 3. Three ULF44 Flashers or similar flashers.
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    For Sale Federal Signal Legends Blue

    Any chance these are still available and any chance you have crown Vic mounts?
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    2 Red Whelen Vertexs new in bag

    $100 shipped via paypal?
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    NEW Whelen Lights and Sirens

    "100 Whelen/FoMoCo Vertex White $35 each" Are these the units used in the Taurus that also work as the turn signal & parking light. Sry if I'm asking a dumb question. I didnt know they had an only white version. I'll gladly take an education anytime on any light.
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    Feniex Cannon 120's B/A - No Longer Available

    Feniex Cannon 120's B/A Pair of Cannon 120's B/A for sale or trade for 2 Fusion surface mount 180 optic in B/W shipping included in price via USPS. Paypal accepted. List Date: 10/19/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Feniex Cannon 120's B/A...
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    Huge lot -SOLD

    "Code 3 Essex Single rear deck lights (LINZ6) BLUE or AMBER$30ea shipped!" Wondering if you have two amber and one blue and if you would do $80 shipped via a paypal invoice?
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    Wanted Refurbished or used vhf portables

    Hello, my department is currently looking for refurbished or used vhf portables. We would prefer some sort of warranty. We require intrinsically safe, narrow band and alpha display. We are looking anywhere from 5 to 10 radios with chargers and good batteries.... Ready for service. Please email...

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