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    Whelen Edge 9000 frame polishing / cleaning

    I'm pretty sure the top does have a silver painted coating on it. I bought a pallet of those years ago to flip and some had deep scratches making it possible to see the layer of protective coating. I think Whelen did this for the purpose of keeping the top from corroding/tarnishing/ in the...
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    Pulsator P660

    Yup, that's it.
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    Pulsator P660

    As robust as Federal Signal items were in the day it amazes me that they relied on that thin wire for such a vital function. Imagine with the freezing temps in NYC driving around on patrol during freezing rain or a snow storm blowing moisture into the front of the siren. The flapper would freeze...
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    Pulsator P660

    Just make sure you check the grease in the gear box. It's usually dried out. Get it all out and repack it with automotive grease.
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    Pulsator P660

    Nice score. It does seem complete. Doesn't seem to have seen much use. I've gotten ones that were so heavily used the stainless wire wore through the shaft and were no longer there.
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    Another Whatzit ?

    Definitely out of a Jetsonic. I parted a Jetsonic out once that had that same setup. Unfortunately the switch wasn't hooked up to anything so I can't help with its purpose.
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    how do you troubleshoot a sterling model 20jr siren

    My question is what did you initially hook power to? The 2 brass posts in the black insulator are NOT positive and negative. They are supposed to both be positive, one for the siren the other for the front light. Ground is through the siren body. So you would attach positive to the brass post...
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    Help with Q1b

    Here is a pic of the inner workings as described in my above post. I haven't had a chance to repair this one yet so the hole in the gearbox is where the shaft would stick out that the half circle stainless wire would go through that connects to the rotor.
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    Help with Q1b

    The 4 screws on the front of the pulsator cone secure a tube inside that houses the flapper that attaches via a short rod to a crank on the side of a gear box screwed to the bottom/back of the tube. On the back of the gearbox is a small shaft that has a half circle stainless wire going through...
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    Help with Q1b

    Sounds like the stator is slightly out of round. I've had this issue with several sirens over the years. You can remove the rotor and try tapping the area outward with a small hammer, re-install the rotor and test. Repeat process if needed till it's working right.
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    Info on vintage horn.

    I was thinking an old boat horn.
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    Assembling help with FedSig CP100

    If remember correctly the rusted curved piece goes in the bottom of the housing aligning the 2 holes with the center and rear hole in the housing (the front hole is for the speaker wire). Place a bolt through the center hole. Then take the short straight metal piece with the offset and 1 hole...
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    Can you identity the Beacon?

    I agree, the car is from Freeport New York. Back when this pic was taken New York was blue for volunteer fire fighters.
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    I bought a fire engine, need help with warning equipment

    Didn't Gary Cahill have reproductions made of the Trio lights? I thought he sold them by the pair in the $400 plus range. While not cheap it is about half what an original set would cost.
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    Mayberry Light

    Here's another clip where Andy pulls over a half track showing a 2 beam. And another

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