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    Wanted Jetsonic Model JS1 Series A1 parts

    Ok just let us know what filters you need. We have several blue, some red, and little clear filters. No amber.
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    Wanted Jetsonic Model JS1 Series A1 parts

    We have only NOS red endcaps with full alley light cutout and have both NOS blue endcaps as well as used endcaps with the full alley light cutout. PM if interested.
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    Wanted Jet stream stuff

    We do have the blue half filters in stock. As for the red and amber we do have some filters which are slightly larger than half. I'm not sure what they are called, but I think they were used in the Jetstrobe possibly?
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    Wanted Whelen 700 Red/White Lens

    I found we have one NOS clear 700 and a few used 73 that are red/clear split. PM if interested.
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    Wanted Jet stream stuff

    I know we have the full size blue filters available. We will check on the half filters to see what we have left.
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    Wanted Jetsonic Model JS1 Series A1 parts

    I know we have takedowns and alleys for sure, but will have to check the warehouse for the remainder. We will check today for you.
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    Wanted Federal Signal Jet series filters

    We do have them in stock.
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    Wanted Federal Signal Jet series filters

    We should have the remainder of the blue filters and endcap you are looking for. I'll check the warehouse today. Thanks, Robert
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    Wanted ISO Old 4x6 Glass Halogen Blue Headlight

    We have a few NOS red, but no blue.
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    Wanted Looking For: Code 3 Lightbar

    We have the 2100's all blue. Best we can do is $250 plus s/h. You can PM or email us direct: sales@lightbars.net
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    Wanted Code 3 Force 4 XL/XL5000 parts

    We have the 2 red, 2 blue, and speaker grill available if they are still needed. PM or email us direct, sales@lightbars.net
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    Wanted FS firebeam domes

    We have some 1/2 blues available. All used.
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    Wanted Sho Me 1166/KD Lamp 875 blue teardrop light

    PM or email us direct to figure it out. sales@lightbars.net
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    Wanted FS firebeam domes

    How many half blue domes do you need?
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    Wanted Blue snap on dashlaser filter

    We found one in stock. PM to work out the details and pictures.

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