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    feniex amber products

    I have sold a couple 57" Avatar lightbars for use on tow trucks with no problem. Also my tow truck has the Feniex work lights on the deck and some Feniex 1Xs on the rear near the brake lights. The hold up well. Happy Shopping:)
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    Siren not to be used as a siren.....

    Mounting idea I kinda like it
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    115 Year old former Yonkers Burns in Des Moines

    Downtown Younkers building burns | Local News - KCCI Home
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    Hello from iowa

    Glad to see more Iowans on here. I am in Des Moines.
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    What's going on with Feniex lightheads????

    Had some T6 issues called Feniex and were fixed up every time. Customer was pissed but everything worked out great in the long run. I have not had any other issues with any othes products from Feniex only the T6
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    strobe supply issue

    Sounds like water or ice. Had the same problem on a tow truck years ago. They would work great after truck was inside overnight. All i could do was pull each connector and apply some dielectric grease. After that thew worked great.
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    Free Shipping December at Wright's Lights

    Free shipping on all orders of $250.00 or more Wright's Lights LLC Enter code-Free Shipping-at check out.
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    Feniex Crown Vic *pics and video*

    2009 Ford Crown Victoria almost all Feniex lights. Installed by Wright's Lights LLC in Des Moines Iowa All patterns and split light heads were picked by the customer. Front- Feniex T6 red/amber on push bumper Strobes in corner lights Feniex Pegasus Red with take downs...
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    Info on a federal sign and signal WG siren

    I am looking for any info on a Federal Sign And Signal WG siren. I just picked one up but cant find any info. Thank you in advance.
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    "James Bond device may end police pursuits" / Iowa State Patrol Using Star Chase GPS

    'James Bond' device may end police pursuits | Local News - KCCI Home
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    Police Officer Jamie Buenting, Rockwell City Police Department, IA

    Police OfficerJamie BuentingRockwell City Police Department, Iowa End of Watch: Friday, September 13, 2013 Bio & Incident DetailsAge: 37 Tour: 12 years Badge # Not available Cause: Gunfire Incident Date: 9/13/2013 Weapon: Gun; Unknown type Suspect: Charged with murder...
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    Feniex T6 issues

    I have had 4or 5 Feniex split color T6's come back with issues. What is happening is they will work for a couple days up to a week or 2. Then my customer will call and say hey, my new lights went haywire. When I get the car back the lights are only half on and have gone out of sink with the...
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    Iowa State Patrol Unmarked Charger

    I tried to make them bigger.

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