Supervisor Flex MC (Dual color)

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Supervisor Flex MC
Selling my beloved Supervisor Flex MC in Red White. This is the torus multi color version.
Had it installed in my 2014 Ram 1500.
I got a new truck that isn't interior lightbar friendly as the visor clips don't even have screws in them and are held in by some form of sorcery.
This lightbar doesn't have much run time from me and has only been in my truck about a year. If I could guess runtime I'd say maybe 10 hours tops. Most of that was in cruise mode as when I'd get on scene I'd kill the lightbar as it was so bright and all my other warning usually sufficed.
I have all the original brackets from the manufacturer. When I say this lightbar is universal, it's not just the normal "these brackets kinda fit, and there is a ridiculous amount of flashback", but if your brackets are available in the kit then this lightbar will fit very nicely after you are done tweaking it. The side flash shroud adjust and both top and bottom have a good thick rubber shroud that seals up the windshield once you find the sweet spot.

It comes with the control box, the wires are cut. The prior owner had the control box mounted with screws and the bottom plate got a little bowed. I just used Velcro under my back seats. The lightbar itself has approx 4 feet of cable. I even got code 3 to send me the blank hole plugs that plug the unused bracket holes

I'll see if I can dig up a video of it in action but not sure if one was ever taken of my truck.
These aren't easy to come by used so hopefully it will serve you as well as I did.
More than happy to take more pictures if needed.
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