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  1. Stampeed Valkyrie

    For Sale Misc Lenses sale

    Welcome to the Mrs. is throwing a fit because of boxes in her sewing room sale thread. All items are as described, and all proceeds will goto the completion of other lightbar projects and do not include shipping. I will add more to this as I go along and I am always open to offers or...
  2. Stampeed Valkyrie

    the WTH does this goto thread

    And I will start it off.. I think its Whelen.. mostly because it came out of one of my boxes marked Whelen and it has a code of 96919 stamped on the rails. Almost seems like it might be for an advantedge or similar. #2.. No noticable markings other then an arrow on the top of the...
  3. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Wanted 2x 4516 6V Par36 lamps

    I am looking for 2 6V GE4516 spot bulbs. PM if you can help. Thanks, Rob
  4. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Positive Purchase from EHFD_Tower_751

    Purchased a Blue liberty light head from @EHFD_Tower_751. Works as described. Thanks again. Rob
  5. Stampeed Valkyrie

    AeroDynic 25 CF Series A CrossFire

    I had a request to get some pictures of the CrossFire to see if there was a complete one. I had to dig around abit, got scared and thought this one might have been one of the "lost" ones from quite a few years back. Bar reads 85, but the motor I remember getting a NOS one when I first...
  6. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Wanted Blue flasher filters for Twinsonic 12F

    Looking for a full set of blue filters for a 12F project. Long shot, but worth a try. so I need (4) thanks, Rob
  7. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Latest Craigslist Find

    Just figured I would toss this out here as a starting point. Overall, it appears to be in good shape, I know the rotators spin and light. The flashers not so much. I just got back with it, so its gonna sit for abit today as work calls. This should be a 24 RVF, I have not cracked it open...
  8. Stampeed Valkyrie

    For Sale Liberty Corner Lighthead Blue LFL

    Sup all I have a a part that I do not need, hoping to turn it into something I do need.. See this thread.. Lighthead tested and works, tabs were broken off so that would need...
  9. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Positive Purchase from AuroraBorealis

    Purchased a set of clear Beacon Ray domes from @AuroraBorealis. Many Thanks, Rob
  10. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Whelen Liberty Bar Gurus... lend me your ears.. maybe eyes too.

    Right then.. First time caller, long time listener.. in pretty much any other forum other then Vintage. I have a Whelen Liberty bar.. SX? LFL, OMG WTF BBQ.. I'm playing dumb. What I need to do is return to service as the light has been worked on before and I want to make sure I am ordering...
  11. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Positive Purchase from Phoenix_Rising

    Bought a set of clear MX domes from @Phoenix_Rising. Meet up went great. Thanks, Rob
  12. Stampeed Valkyrie

    PA-15a Director Siren assitance needed

    Picked this up this weekend, honestly for giggles and :oops: Started tinkering with it today, the siren seems to function properly, the microphone on the other hand is a different story. Opened it up and it literally fell apart. Anyone have a pinout for the microphone? I...
  13. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Positive Positive purchase from Sparky_911

    I bought a bulb lot from @Sparky_911. Went smoothly and was pleasant to deal with. Thanks, Rob
  14. Stampeed Valkyrie

    XL 5000 Wrecker Bar Project

    So just picked this bar up, figured I would document its starting point, and try determine what I need to get it working 100%. Made a quick video to answer some question I was asked about it. I did give this a power up test several bulbs out, and rotators are toast. So I will need 2...
  15. Stampeed Valkyrie

    FDNY Twinsonic 12F Reboot

    Pulled this one off the shelf to breathe some life back into it again. My original Youtube video.. It's been 6 years since I posted that.. wow So this is how it looked as I started earlier today.. Tag reads 12F Series A3.. Motor is stamped 8-83 a quick peak under the hood...
  16. Stampeed Valkyrie

    AeroDynic Model 24XS

    This is super neat, I feel like a kid in a toy store and its not even my bar! Short bar! made even more unique by the TS200 found in the speaker.. which pretty much means your gonna throw your back out if you try to move it.. lol All Credit goes to my buddy in TN! And for the video folks!
  17. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Identify the motors.. its fun for everyone!

    So my TN friend sent me some images of some motors.. some attached to Federal gearboxes. These very much remind me of Type/Series 1 motors, very possible I am wrong. Take a look and lmk.
  18. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Weekend Finds cont..

    So other then that Rebranded Deitz I ended up coming back with a few other items.. First up.. a very funny looking MX wrecker bar.. it has all the elements of an MX series wrecker bar.. dot lights, STTs and rotators. but 2 different styles of bases. If anything I can probably part...
  19. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Federal Mogul... Signal Stat... Dietz.. whatever Saturday fun.

    Just coming back from a short Saturday road trip, went for 1 thing and as usual came back with several. The star of the show.. (so far) was this NOS Dietz 2/7-11 rebadged beacon. I have the box which dates this beacon from the Mid 90's and is branded Federal Mogul. Came with paperwork...
  20. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Another Amber Twinsonic

    Looks to be a 12X. Not my AD contact CL seller. $75
  21. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Amber Twinsonic $100

    Not my AD. Contact Seller Looks to be a 12EF. NH area $100. get on it folks!
  22. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Wanted Beacon Ray domes

    I am looking for... 1.) a smaller 8 1/8" dome that will fit a model 17 pre 1967. FOUND 2.) a clear "F1" dome for for a newer 175. PM works best. Thanks, Rob
  23. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Matching Beacon Ray 176

    Was just sent some images from a friend of mine down in TN, he wanted me to share these with you folks. He sent a video as well, but it's fubar so I will try and post it later. Neat set.. my .02
  24. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Beaconray Model 17

    Thanks to Matt, I was able to acquire 1 of 2 things needed to complete a project. But as usual with every step closer I have to take a step or 2 back. Standard disclaimer applies here.. not a beacon guy so learning as I go... which is pretty much the usual for me. So This model 17 has a tag...
  25. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Wanted Beacon Ray 173

    Looking for a Fed Sig Beacon Ray model 173. Tasked with a project and on budget. Thanks, Rob
  26. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Weekend CL find Beaconray 176

    Must be Beaconray weekend.. I found this light locally on CL, I think I got an OK deal on it. Seller originally had this light listed at $500 and wondered why it didn't sell. Needs some TLC, deciphering the tag puts it at Feb 1963. Glass dome and overall seems to be in good shape...
  27. Stampeed Valkyrie

    For Sale NOS/NIB Sireno Model 44620

    I have a NOS, NIB, Sireno Model 44620 siren.. Think Sireno Condor.. same time frame. This is complete and comes with box, manuals, brackets and wiring as it would have been new back in the late 70's early 80's I am also offering up a matching NIB Key'd Microphone to complete the set. Model...
  28. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Wanted Whelen Model 994 Retaining band

    as the title states, I would like to wrap up a model 994 Whelen beacon. This has been on my want to be done with list for abit. Thanks, Rob
  29. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Positive purchase from fyrboy

    I purchased some NOS clear aerodynic endcaps from @fyrboy. Also acquired an Aero model 22/25 center bulkhead. All arrived safe and sound, many thanks. Rob
  30. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Wanted Model 22/25 Aerodynic Center Bulkhead

    I am in need of a center bulkhead divider found on the Model 22 and 25 series aerodynics. Repaired is OK as long as its holding. PM Thanks, Rob

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