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    HHS3200 horn ring

    Question for folks who have installed the 3200 unit or if other siren units use the same general wiring theme: I'm thinking this is a combination of the wiring and the software config, of which I'm still blindly trying to figure out. instructions were followed to use the default output 9, fuse...
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    HHS3200 config question

    Ended up going for a 3200 unit I was asking about earlier. Trying to get some config stuff done ahead of time but the learning curve from the 2200 to 3200 software is proving a bit hard. For the sake of familiarity I'm trying to mirror over the settings from the 2200. The hiccup I'm running...
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    HHS3200/4200 TA feature

    Hello, Hello, Looking at purchasing a HHS3200 unit, but had a question on a function I’m not quite understanding from the install instructions. I sent this off to Whelen but wanted to post it here to for more feedback. On the handheld remote, the option for TA Display seems to activate...
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    Ford F150 2018 wiring install question

    Hello, Wanted to ask what others have found as the ideal location for running wiring into the cab on the 2017, 2018 model F150s. Transitioning to probably a 2018 F150 and have a HHS2200 Whelen unit I'd be bringing over to use in this vehicle. I'm guessing it would secure nicely in back of the...
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    Hhs2200 horn ring activate output

    Would anyone happen to know if the horn ring input can activate other outputs? An example, horn ring activates output X as 8 second momentary.
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    Radio in wiring clarification - Whelen

    Would like to ask for some clarification on what exactly is happening with the two Radio In wires for radio rebroadcast. All the manuals/install guides point to the two wires going to a speaker, but I'm interested in using this from a 3.5mm stereo jack output. I did find a post about someone...
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    HHS2200 - vehicle FM radio interference

    Would anybody be able to comment on possible causes for FM radio interference when the siren unit is on (not activated for tones, just powered on)? I'm guessing with the more recent models of Whelen's siren units, the Cantrol, Cencom, newer 295 and the HHS are probably all designed/created...
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    HHS2200 horn ring to air horn

    Having a bit of a confusing time trying to get an HHS2200 unit to activate the air horn via the vehicle horn ring. Found a post a few years ago with someone trying to do the same thing, but all that was mentioned was that it has been configured, not how. I have the horn wiring routed through...
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    Whelen low power w/ other LEDs

    Just wondering if anyone can comment on the whelen flashers like the ulf44 (think that's the right one, 4 channel led flasher) and the low power mode. For general price reasons I can't afford pure whelen all the way around so this unit is driving some axixtech led heads. What I'm wondering is...
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    295HFS2 dead mic, replacement head available?

    Have a 295HFS2 siren. Can't remember the exact timeframe but at some point the mic stopped working. I tried adjusting the volume dial, nothing. Replaced the mic, nothing. Even got a hold of another amp unit, nothing. So I am leaning towards something happening to the actual remote head...

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