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  1. Skulldigger

    Can you identify these Sirens?

    I picked them up today. The one on the right is a Federal Electric Type W (not model) It doesn't appear to have had the vents on the side, there are no holes where screws would have been. The other one, to my surprise is a Person's Majestic, which is a really cool and effective Siren. More...
  2. Skulldigger

    Can you identify these Sirens?

    The one on the right has a tag that comes down to a point. I have seen those before but just can't place it. Not sure about the one on the right, maybe a Sterling?
  3. Skulldigger

    I need one

    For that last minute Christmas gift for someone who has everything.
  4. Skulldigger

    McDermott Whatchamacallit.

    Anyone have any idea what this is and was used for? I found it today. There seems to be a problem with an electrical board inside. I think I can fix it, if I know what it is suppose to do. Lol
  5. Skulldigger

    Can anyone identify this?

    Not mine yet, just looking.
  6. Skulldigger

    Can anyone identify this?

    Any ideas?
  7. Skulldigger

    What was your first?

    This is the first vehicle I ever drove, a 1980 Chevy Nova with a Federal Visibar. The first rig I was assigned to is this van with the twin Fireballs on the fender and the Federal 184 on the roof.
  8. Skulldigger

    Is eLightbars dying out?

    I will be honest. I loved this site until the last updates that lost all of the work and images we had compiled into great forums and information. I held out hope that would be remedied but it has not. I don't have the desire to build anymore or share a lot on here anymore expecting it to...
  9. Skulldigger

    starting my own collection display

    Love that siren light. Would look great on my shelf.
  10. Skulldigger

    The Trail-Brite 7-07 Unboxing

    Probably means Yankee was manufactured by two different companies. I would imagine that all of these other brands were actually made by Signal Stat?
  11. Skulldigger

    Wanted Looking for a motor for a Code 3 DashLaser

    I have a Code 3 Dash Laser - 1998, that needs a new motor if anyone has a code three motor available. Thanks
  12. Skulldigger

    The Trail-Brite 7-07 Unboxing

    Yankee did sell this light as an 1166 Found this on another site
  13. Skulldigger

    The Trail-Brite 7-07 Unboxing

    I can vouch for the Tuff-Bilt and Dietz as 7-07 and of course the Trail Brite. Yankee and Star was/is the 1166, but I wonder if they are the same light.
  14. Skulldigger

    Beacon identification and questions

    The model is a military version of the Federal 100 which is the modem version of the 14. Different motor (newer) and gearing from the model 14. 28 volts means just that.
  15. Skulldigger

    Anatomy and Restore of a 184 Power Light.

    Interesting update on this A2 Series 184. Another one has been discovered and it is 12V. It was originally thought that perhaps the A2 designation was for the early 6v, but apparently that is not the case. The A2 12v is identical to the 6v. The only differences between the A2 and A3 is the...
  16. Skulldigger

    Information on Sireno/Sireno Condor

    Sireno was formed in February 1908 by John Gordon and Charles H. Conner to market and sell their "SirenO horn" which is what they called their siren. They were in New York until 1960 when they moved to Kearny, NJ. They changed to Sireno Signal Mfg. Corp in 1967. they were purchased by ITT...
  17. Skulldigger

    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    Seen in the movie "Them" with James Arness.
  18. Skulldigger

    Trail-Brite Chief

    I made a memory error. The zip tie was in testing. After I saw position of the bulb made the difference I bent the post to accomplish the same effect. It's been a while. #ejwa
  19. Skulldigger

    Trail-Brite Chief

    It hasn't so far but I only run these for a few minutes at a time. A twist of actual wire would be best.
  20. Skulldigger

    Trail-Brite Chief

    Slip the bulb out of its slot and drop it down until the filament sits shows center of the reflector. Then wire tie the bulb in place.
  21. Skulldigger

    Trying to identify a light/beacon from my childhood...

    Sounds like a Smith & Wesson to me. Mine is missing the sticker tag.
  22. Skulldigger

    Trail-Brite Chief

    I did receive the Trail Brite light and will make some pictures when I get time. It has a TB-77-707 dome. The band says model 7-07 with the W3-79 as expected.
  23. Skulldigger

    Trail-Brite Chief

    The lights (SS 333A) are actually really good lights and quite effective........ IF..... You recenter the bulb. I have two of these I keep in my vehicles for roadside emergencies. The bulb was set high so the light reflected down. I removed the bulb from it's position, dropped and re-centered...
  24. Skulldigger

    Trail-Brite Chief

    This is the Signal Stat 333A, it's a lot bigger than a Fireball or TB. No real markings on it.
  25. Skulldigger

    Trail-Brite Chief

    I think the Signal Stat 333A goes in group 1 also.
  26. Skulldigger

    Trail-Brite Chief

    Any idea on those timelines?
  27. Skulldigger

    Trail-Brite Chief

    You mean none prior to 79 for TB lights?
  28. Skulldigger

    Trail-Brite Chief

    Is there a timeline for Tuff Bilt and Trail Brite? I have two TB and they are both W3-79. That's a nice Tuff Bilt 7-07. I have two TB and they both have the W3-79 code on them. I don't think there are any other dates on them. I suspect they were made for only a few years under the TB name...

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