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    SoundOff Configurator Software

    SoundOff actually has the best stuff out there right now. Between nForce, mPower, and a bluePRINT controller it is the best overall system out there by far. No other company compares. I personally like the Whelen Legacy bar better, although it's not as bright and the entire bar can't be dual...
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    SoundOff Configurator Software

    And now he needs my help. I'll let Jman423 email you the software. Oh... Wait... He doesn't have it.
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    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Fuck this site. Delete half my comments? Fine, people can help themselves. Literally the only person here willing to share any knowledge on how to use the SOS software, and you're going to delete my posts? Go fuck yourselves.
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    Wanted IONs, Ghost, Fusions, etc.

    I've got a couple IONs, single color one is red the other blue. Good condition all LED's working. Has about 4" wiring pigtail, make me a reasonable offer if you're interested!
  5. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    So yes the lights are all bluePRINT controlled. Which is bad for you. Aside from the main nForce lightbar, you can't adjust anything else without the bluePRINT software. So the mPowers can't be changed without it. If you get ahold of the software I can guide you through it easily, or you can...
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    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Like he said, first we need to know if the car is BluePRINT controlled. See my pics above, does the main control panel say bluePRINT or nERGY? This is easy to do either way, but I don't want to type double. We need to know if it's bluePRINT controlled first.
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    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Yes, the breakout box needs to be on for all downloads/uploads.
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    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Awesome glad I was able to help! What do your patterns look like now? Is it a dual color bar or single? My rear pattern is a CHP pattern, which requires setting the rears to roadrunner simultaneous, then the outside 4 modules to red and blue on color 1, no color 2, and the inside 4 amber on...
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    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Gotcha, so ya your car isn't BluePRINT capable. So it's got the same lightbar, just without the additional vehicle integration. So lightbar changes can be made via the Lightbar software, but any other changes would involve wiring. So, for the bar, it's important you begin by downloading from...
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    SoundOff Configurator Software

    So here is the BluePRINT control head, I believe the other ones look similar but say energy or something like that. I will be on, and I'll be happy to help. I taught myself how to use the BluePRINT and Lightbar software, and it took a while. Just so you know, it's pretty much impossible to...
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    SoundOff Configurator Software

    My biggest gripes about BluePRINT: 1) Aside from the main nForce light bars, all other lighting modules must be on the same flash pattern when flashing. For example, my car has nForce and mPower modules all over it. So I cannot have my rear license plate mPowers go "slow runner" while the...
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    SoundOff Configurator Software

    I'm actually not sure if BluePrint makes it easier or not lol. It's not exactly the easiest software to use or find. Does the main controller board, the one that has the switches and buttons, say BluePrint on it?
  13. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Slight correction, it is a mini USB port on the breakout box, not micro. Like he stated, simply plug the breakout box into the laptop via a USB male to mini USB male. Then use the program to download the current flash map, and save that as a default/backup, then play around and upload it as you...
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    For Sale Whelen inner edge for ford crown victoria

    What's the color arrangement? Are they dual color?
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    New Patrol Tahoe

    The Split fail actually does ok to the rear because it makes the head look solid slow flash, just cuts intensity. But if you can definitely get it off the split fail and back to a slow alternating. I'd also like fewer synced groups on the running board lights, so instead of 12 groups of...
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    Using mpower with carbide

    You should sell the mpower and get nForce lights. I've got both on my new car, and the nForce ones dominate the mPowers.
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    Albuquerque PD slick top rear wing?

    Like you said, horrible patterns, and next to nothing in side warning. And what's wrong with a bar in the window? I've got a slicktop car with SOS interior nForce bars, and it's got some issues, but not enough light isn't one of them.
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    Sparky's 2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD

    Is there a purpose for the beacon? Because it's worthless for warning.
  19. J

    Peterbilt Oversize with Axixtech Torrent

    Ok, I'll say it. Every single update you give, you detail yet another failure of the light bar. And then you go on and on and on about how amazing it is. Someone mentioned you should be paid for this thread. I'm of the impression you already are. It certainly reads as such. Hey all, I had...
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    2019 Cherokee Tail Lights

    The white does to look to have a large footprint, and it looks weird with how everything is synced. It goes opposite the red on one side, but with it on the other. Personally I don't find it very effective compared to standard 4-ways and a couple ambers in the rear window.
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    Code 3 21TR pattern select?

    Hey all, I have a Code 3 21TR, literally the cheapest model available, none of this dual color, traffic advisor, flashing takedown bullshit here! The bar does sync however, and it changes flash pattern/synced modules based on the slide switch position. So position 1 has a specific flash/sync...
  22. J

    Give me your opinions on my flash patterns!

    The 5000 doesn't offer anything even close to that in the rear, aside from what the first video shows. The corners, outermost modules on the rears, and all the fronts give me a large range of versatility, and tons of flash patterns and sync options. However the rear arrow board is very...
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    Give me your opinions on my flash patterns!

    Update from a while ago, just forgot to post it and ask opinions. I'd do more updating to the lights, but my new car is less than a month out. I changed the HAW in the headlights to only code 3 from code 2 and 3. I also added a second set of modules to steady on code 2, so there's 2 red and 2...
  24. J

    2019 Tahoe SSV

    For the average local or state cop, the Tahoe is too big, too truck like, too slow, and from an administrative standpoint, too expensive. I like the PIU personally. Size of an SUV, driving characteristics of a car, price that's cheaper than the competition even with the turbo motor.
  25. J

    Input on install in 2005 Tahoe fire POV

    Cobra 2x: Grill, mounted center. Feniex T3: All 8 upper windshield, 4 each side Avenger Duals: Rear window, high LINZ6: Side/intersection I'd also add a good HLF and TLF.
  26. J

    Upper Glass Traffic Arrow for Charger

    Have you considered just getting a dual color nForce Traffic Adviser? Mount it top or bottom, then have it do whatever you want, all 3 colors for warning, Amber for TA, whatever you want. I feel like both upper and lowers would significantly limit rear visibility in a car that already sucks in...
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    New ride!!! 2011 Escape Upfit

    Ya if that was my switch box my up-fitter would be getting it back with a fucking screwdriver jammed into every button.

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