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    What was your first?

    Only three horsepower though. Seriously - that picture is pretty incredible, take a moment and just look at it in detail. My how far we've come.
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    I've got one. $1800. The SSP3000A and Vision SLR are included free.
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    Wanted Whelen CANCTL7

    @srulir whatcha got?
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    Do LAPD still use vehicles from the 2000s?

    It has been my observation that LAPD uses whatever still runs and hasn't become a maintenance headache. I can remember 1997 Crown Victorias still operating in 2008, so don't be surprised what you see in Los Angeles. It's all about the budget, baby.
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    Wanted Whelen CANCTL7

    Looking for a working Whelen CANCTL7 control head. This is the 21-button + Slide Switch unit. Please PM. Thank you!
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    For Sale Federal Signal Vision SLR & SSP3000A

    Still available! Surely someone wants this bar. I'm just over it and going to a Liberty.
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    For Sale Whelen CenCom Gold with Control Head, no mic - Used

    I bought two of these from him, they arrived FAST and were exactly as described, nice complete new wiring, all of it. Stellar deal.
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    For Sale Federal Signal Vision SLR & SSP3000A

    I've decided to sell the Vision SLR and SSP3000A on my truck. Moving to a Whelen product. Lightbar needs a replacement amber pod, and a replacement multi-color pod. The amber pod is slow to start up, the multicolor pod has the amber LEDs out. Configured as follows: 3 amber-only pods, 4...
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    For Sale TRADE: Whelen Single Avenger & Spitfire Ion Dash Lights R/B - Like New

    I've still got these things... Somebody make a cash or trade offer?
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    Need help picking light bar for brush truck

    I bought a 1997 F-Superduty (F450) a few months ago and am converting it to a brush truck. I went with an Edge 9000 and never looked back. Cheap, functional, reliable, and easy to find parts for.
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    Open Dispute.

    I wouldn't be surprised. Server space with a hosting company that has reasonable uptime and a decent connection is not inexpensive. I think it is unfair to make an accusation that someone's turning a profit on this. However, absentee site owners are definitely a serious problem. I thought...
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    Open Dispute.

    I think it's important to remember that there are hosting costs for this site that are probably more expensive than you think. I don't know anything about the politics of the site as I'm a returning user from a long time ago, however I doubt the owner is turning all that huge a profit off of the...
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    For Sale TRADE: Whelen Single Avenger & Spitfire Ion Dash Lights R/B - Like New

    Selecting TRADE doesn't seem to be an option... Anyway, if you just want to BUY them, make an offer but I'd prefer a trade. Read on. I have a Whelen Single Avenger and Spitfire Ion dash lights available. They are red/blue. These things are basically new out of the box, it doesn't look like they...
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    For Sale Whelen legacy duo heads 250.00

    Are these used for corners? I'm new to the DUO stuff.
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    Positive Great deal with RecElect!

    Bought a couple of CenCom Gold units from RecElect, absolutely as described and fast shipping, great communications, a real pleasure! Thanks!
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    Convergence Software Issues

    That "red" cable is nothing more than a standard ethernet crossover cable, there isn't any magic going on in there. Why Federal thought Ethernet would be better than USB is beyond me - perhaps they thought the control head would be part of some vehicular network that nobody ever went with?
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    Wanted Original LoJack PTC/VTU

    I know, I know. Long shot and all that other nonsense. Does anyone have one of the OLD LoJack PTC units (preferably complete with the summer and antennas but not picky) they'd want to sell? Pic is what I am looking for. And yes, I'm familiar with how these things work politically and electronically.
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    For Sale Moto 800mhz mobile radio

    This will still work just fine on 800MHz conventional systems, even if they have been re-banded. It just won't work on trunked systems. This is perfectly good for the 8TAC channels or any other conventional system. I'm gonna need that $20 now, Sparky.
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    Wanted Liberty DUO Wecan

    I'm curious to know if anyone can sell me a second-hand Libery DUO WeCan bar. Does anyone build these from parts or whatnot like the strobe Edge bars? I'd like to give someone my specs, and find out what kind of price range I'm looking at. I may have a buyer for my Vision SLR, so I'm wanting to...
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    Wanted Thinking of selling my Vision SLR / Trade for wecan DUO

    Have a Vision SLR with SSP3000A. Includes hotfeet and side alleys and TA. 4 multicolor pods, three amber. Has a couple of issues but has been on my truck since brand new. Wondering what the feasibility of trading it for a Whelen WeCan DUO bar would be... Not 100% sure I want to do this yet...
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    RESOLVED Anyone know John Walding (FL05 on here)

    I arrived home just now to find the equipment here waiting for me. Oh what a little communication would've saved. Mods - please delete this thread. This is an issue of a major lack of communication on the sellers part and nothing more, I'm not interested in causing this guy any more ill will.
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    RESOLVED Anyone know John Walding (FL05 on here)

    And guess who logged on here at 11:27AM today. And I can't get a phone call, text message or e-mail back from this guy. I just sent him an additional email laying this out for him and telling him if he doesn't perform by Friday, I'm reaching out to his local agencies for help. I also gave him...
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    RESOLVED Anyone know John Walding (FL05 on here)

    Did a transaction with this guy months ago here on the board that went fine. Good enough I wanted to buy another unit from him for our crew car. What a mistake. I'm having a hell of a time communicating with this guy over a purchase I made back on October 5 for a CenCom Gold with TA (complete)...
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    Wanted Troy Faceplate for dash mount Motorola Spectra

    I am in need of two Troy console faceplates for the Motorola Spectra dash mount radio (A7/B7/W7). Needs to be the dash mount version, not the remote mount. These will be donated to a non-profit so don't bang me too hard on price. Anyone have anything? Please PM. Thanks!
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    Lojack PTC Installation

    Bummer. Thanks for checking though!
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    Wanted Whelen EDGE Red Lenses, all types.

    I say that I apologize for not replying to everyone, I havent been getting notifications but that should be fixed now. This has taken a bit of a back seat, but not entirely. If folks are interested I have a couple of amber bars that eventually need to become red. Please PM me with what you...
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    Lojack PTC Installation

    Does anyone have any documentation pertaining to installation of a LoJack PTC? Maybe even an antenna placement template? I know LoJack usually does this stuff but I would like to have a look at the documentation and maybe obtain an antenna template? Thanks for any assistance.
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    Cencom Sapphire Questions

    Correct. I received one a few weeks ago after asking via phone.
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    Mobile Vision L3 Flashback Video Retrieval?

    I've been looking at this system on eBay for a while, but I'm curious: How is the video retrieved out of this? Do I *HAVE* to have a dock and software, or can I retrieve it...
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    Wanted Whelan lightbar strapping kit, 2013 ford f-150

    For which vehicle? There are a gazillion kits for various lightbars and vehicles.

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