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    For Sale Code 3 VCon Siren

    is this still around?
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    Wanted NTB: Advantedge 4500 plus lenses for ambulance

    Looking for lenses for whelen advantedge 4500 plus. Need one red endcap section and 3 red sections. Ill take other colors too, doesn't have to be red. Let me know. Mike
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    Wanted Whelen 6EHDLTMK kit

    Replacing halogen to 600 led. Need 4 of these. Whelen part number: 6EHDLTMK Let me know Mike MBROWNNRFD@GMAIL.COM
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    Picked up old ambulance today

    was a pain in the butt but I was able to get it up and off frame today. have to move it back where I want it but for now it is what it is.
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    Picked up old ambulance today

    I completely gutted the interior of the box. Horton boxes are built very very well, I knew they were good before this but after gutting it was cool to see how it was put together. Torched the mounts off the frame and was able to lift the box off the frame about 2 inches. Going to have to get a...
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    Picked up old ambulance today

    Picked up a 1997 Ford E350 / Horton today for a thousand bucks. It has whelen advantedge with 2 rotators 5 strobes. All the body lights are whelen 900 LED, and the siren is a 295SL100. My dept has an older Horton still in service as a reserve, so the plan is to put the Leds on that truck...
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    Recent Purchases

    glad the yankee made it! I am also in need of some endcaps for them as well. They seem to be hard to find.
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    WTT Whelen Freedom blue for red

    I have 2 Whelen LED EDGE freedom bars. They are both all blue. I need red pods, so im looking to trade blue for red. Looking to make a red bar to put on our engine. Let me know
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    The 72 incher all clear AeroDynic AH1 (pic heavy)

    wow    video is needed
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    Converting fire trucks turn signals to LED.

    I was thinking of something like that too. Looked at led trailer lights, going to have to do some custom work. its always something with these older rigs. lol
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    Converting fire trucks turn signals to LED.

    have these on my 80 ALF. I want to do the leds too, interested to see how this works for you. Ive had issues with the sockets rusting out and the chrome finish on the inside has had it. I would like to keep the classic look as well.
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    NW Ohio, SE Michigan, NE Indiana Meetup / Swap Meet / Expo?

    i would be interested in going as well
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    New tanker from ex-Military chassis

    we have a 04 6.0L at our dept and its OOS almost every two weeks. they need to bring back the 7.3L
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    looking for a used squad

    I know some of you guys work for used ambulance sales co. Our dept is looking to purchase a 2nd squad. Looking for a type 3 squad with the 7.3 diesel. Early 2000 range. Looking for under 30k. Our front line is a 04 F450 w 6.0 and the 6.0 has given us nothing but problems. If anyone has...
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    federal signal 650001 issues

    yeah i must have. thank you for the help. i appreciate it
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    federal signal 650001 issues

    have a federal signal 650001. when push 3rd button the wail will work, but there is no yelp. never messed with one of these guys before anyone have any idea?
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    Request: Console Wiring Examples... also Paint Recommendation

    I do the installs for my citys cars, ill try to get some pics too for you.
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    MX7000 Strobe Bar

    the lightout put does suck.
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    MX7000 strobe

    yeah it has flashers on the rear.
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    MX7000 strobe

    i just put that exact setup bar on our dept chiefs car. the only difference is the center is a rotator not a strobe. i say get it.
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    FDNY Squad 18 Blue rotators

    i think they look good. looks good with the blue yellow and the reds.
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    03 crown vic police

    i ment to put corner strobes. A couple east suburbs are blue, i know OSP has some out. Willoughby hills and i believe pepper pike. I would have liked to have red blue but it was what they had to work with.
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    Cliffside Park NJ Fire Department New Ladder 1

    like the color scheme. like how the ladder is black also
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    03 crown vic police

    Well did my first install on a police car. 03 crown vic. Car was stripped out when i got it. Still need to put our logo on it. whelen freedom lightbar. all blue. one amber module in rear. Back deck has 4 TR3. Blue mirror stobes and headlight strobes. Whelen 295HFs siren with light controls.
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    VIDEO added Whelen WS-295-74-PT oldie but goodie with Rare Piercer Option!!

    NICE! i have 2 of those but they have high low not peiercer.
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    Shipping Issues, Options, Ideas etc.....

    shipped a twinsonic from ohio to WI. $56.00 for ups. Never will ship a full size bar again, local pickup only. Was a hassle trying to find a box.
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    Lectric Lights Tuf-flash

    Got this other day. Its a lectric light company tuf-flash. has older pin style strobe bulb. hooked it up it whines up but didnt fire. Lense is red plastic. Never saw another one. I have a amber one too but its in rough shape and it too dosent work anyone have any info? they worth keeping?
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    Old Ambulances or Police Cars

    if he isnt interested, please send me the info/pics. We are looking for a used squad/ rescue for our training at the local college.
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    sentry issue need some help

    thank you, got 2 new bulbs and there fine now. i would be so screwed with out this site.

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