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    Wanted Whelen CANCTL7

    Looking for a working Whelen CANCTL7 control head. This is the 21-button + Slide Switch unit. Please PM. Thank you!
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    For Sale Federal Signal Vision SLR & SSP3000A

    I've decided to sell the Vision SLR and SSP3000A on my truck. Moving to a Whelen product. Lightbar needs a replacement amber pod, and a replacement multi-color pod. The amber pod is slow to start up, the multicolor pod has the amber LEDs out. Configured as follows: 3 amber-only pods, 4...
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    For Sale TRADE: Whelen Single Avenger & Spitfire Ion Dash Lights R/B - Like New

    Selecting TRADE doesn't seem to be an option... Anyway, if you just want to BUY them, make an offer but I'd prefer a trade. Read on. I have a Whelen Single Avenger and Spitfire Ion dash lights available. They are red/blue. These things are basically new out of the box, it doesn't look like they...
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    Positive Great deal with RecElect!

    Bought a couple of CenCom Gold units from RecElect, absolutely as described and fast shipping, great communications, a real pleasure! Thanks!
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    Wanted Original LoJack PTC/VTU

    I know, I know. Long shot and all that other nonsense. Does anyone have one of the OLD LoJack PTC units (preferably complete with the summer and antennas but not picky) they'd want to sell? Pic is what I am looking for. And yes, I'm familiar with how these things work politically and electronically.
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    Wanted Liberty DUO Wecan

    I'm curious to know if anyone can sell me a second-hand Libery DUO WeCan bar. Does anyone build these from parts or whatnot like the strobe Edge bars? I'd like to give someone my specs, and find out what kind of price range I'm looking at. I may have a buyer for my Vision SLR, so I'm wanting to...
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    Wanted Thinking of selling my Vision SLR / Trade for wecan DUO

    Have a Vision SLR with SSP3000A. Includes hotfeet and side alleys and TA. 4 multicolor pods, three amber. Has a couple of issues but has been on my truck since brand new. Wondering what the feasibility of trading it for a Whelen WeCan DUO bar would be... Not 100% sure I want to do this yet...
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    RESOLVED Anyone know John Walding (FL05 on here)

    Did a transaction with this guy months ago here on the board that went fine. Good enough I wanted to buy another unit from him for our crew car. What a mistake. I'm having a hell of a time communicating with this guy over a purchase I made back on October 5 for a CenCom Gold with TA (complete)...
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    Wanted Troy Faceplate for dash mount Motorola Spectra

    I am in need of two Troy console faceplates for the Motorola Spectra dash mount radio (A7/B7/W7). Needs to be the dash mount version, not the remote mount. These will be donated to a non-profit so don't bang me too hard on price. Anyone have anything? Please PM. Thanks!
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    Lojack PTC Installation

    Does anyone have any documentation pertaining to installation of a LoJack PTC? Maybe even an antenna placement template? I know LoJack usually does this stuff but I would like to have a look at the documentation and maybe obtain an antenna template? Thanks for any assistance.
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    Mobile Vision L3 Flashback Video Retrieval?

    I've been looking at this system on eBay for a while, but I'm curious: How is the video retrieved out of this? Do I *HAVE* to have a dock and software, or can I retrieve it...
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    Wanted Havis Console Crown Victoria Mounts

    I have a Havis console and tunnel that I want to install into a 2004 Crown Victoria. I am in need of the remaining brackets to mount the tunnel to the seat bolts. Anyone have all the mounting hardware for this? Again, already have the console and tunnel, need the rest. Please PM. Thanks! Here...
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    ETRRSS-BH HLF - manual?

    Anyone have the manual for a SoundOff ETRRSS-BH Headlight Flasher? What is the -BH significance? Thanks for any help
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    Wanted Edge 9000 Opticom Parts

    Just purchased the actual Opticom unit to replace the black section in an Edge 9420. Does anyone have the "Figure 8" gasket, the "support dowel" and the standoffs/etc to mount this unit properly? Please PM. Thanks!
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    Galls Traffic Backer - Not for Ford Use?

    So I just bought a traffic backer, NOS. Didn't pay much for it. But when I opened it, it has a very prominent sticker that says not to use it with Ford vehicles (which was my plan). Whats the story there? Edit: Reached out to Galls, they indicated they don't sell this anymore and don't have...
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    Wanted Faceplate for CenCom Gold

    Looking for a faceplate that will work with a Troy or Havis console for a CenCom Gold control head. Please PM. Thanks!
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    Scientific Prototypes Mark 10?

    How available are these things on the used market? I couldn't help but notice these produce the exact same tones as the California Highway Patrol sirens, which are proprietary no mater what anyone tells you. Makes me wonder if they have one of these things in their secret "black box". Anyhow...
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    Wanted Legend Sheet for CENCOM Gold

    Looking for a legend sheet for a Whelen Cencom Gold. For the non-profit of course. PLease PM.
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    Reflective Vehicle Striping?

    Didn't really see a relevant place to put this, so I'll ask here. Does anyone know a good source of reflective red striping for a vehicle that is 4" wide? I need about 70 feet of it. The good stuff. UV resistant, etc. Something like 3M Engineer grade would be great but I can't seem to find...
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    Wanted Wiring Harness for Edge 9M

    I am looking for the wiring harness for a Whelen Edge 9M. I need the main power cable, TA cable and the LC interface cable. Can anyone help? Please PM.
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    For Sale National Signal Model 100 Arrow Panel Controller

    I purchased a truck over the weekend that came with this National Signal Model 100 Arrow Panel Controller in it. We removed it properly, and the unmolested wiring harness is included with it. Everything you see comes with it. Before removal I tested it out, and it powered right up, displayed...
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    Wanted Inexpensive WHELEN siren/light control unit

    Hi All, Looking for an inexpensive (I'm donating this to a non-profit, don't beat me up) Whelen siren/lighting control system that has the capability to control a traffic advisor. Had a line on a CenCom Gold, but it didn't have the TA option, and that's a must. Anyone have anything that won't...
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    Edge 9M 48" on SuperDuty roof?

    I have a 48"Edge 9M that I need to mount on the roof of a 1997 Ford F-SuperDuty. I'd prefer to use the gutter mounts rather than drill holes into the roof, if such things exist. How is this best done? Are there longer straps available for the lightbar, or what options do I have? Anyone have...
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    Unitrol TM4 "slot machine" tones?

    The TM4 isn't capable of the infamous Unitrol "slot machine" tones is it?
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    Wanted Whelen EDGE Red Lenses, all types.

    I am in need of RED lenses of various sizes for EDGE 9000 lightbars. They are the standard 48" bars. Could use end caps, front/rear lenses for the strobes and halogens, all of it. I have amber bars that I am converting to red/red and amber/red. USED LENSES ARE FINE! As long as they aren't...
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    Suggestions on replacement cable for lightbar wiring harnesses?

    So I've recently purchased a few lightbars that, of course, have the wiring harnesses cut off at the base of the bar. Always a party, right? One of them is a Code 3 Excalibur, the other a Whelen Edge 9000 Duplex, another a Code 3 XL or something like that. Does anyone have a good source or...
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    Wanted Lightbars in Southern California?

    Anyone in Southern California have any all-red or red/amber lightbars for sale, cheap? Our nonprofit owns our 110 acre facility in a very rural area, and we are working on building a couple of on-property only trucks for protecting ourselves fire-wise and also taking care of any emergencies...
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    Unitrol TM4 No Siren Audio? [SOLVED]

    Hey all. Was given (yep!) a Unitrol TM4 today. Just checked it out. It has the Wail/Man/Hi-Lo selector switch on the front as well as the "BYPASS/HORN" and "SWEEP/LOCK" switches on the front. Relays all seem to work, the air horn works nice and loud, full volume. The "ALARM" input on the back...
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    Install guide for Whelen Edge 9000 w/ duplex rear?

    Does anyone have an installation guide for a Whelen Edge 9000 that has a duplex rear on it, 4 strobes, alleys, takedowns and two front halogen flashers?
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    What does LFL mean on Whelen products?

    I am sure this has been covered before, perhaps someone can point me in the correct direction. What does LFL mean with regards to things like Whelen Liberty and associated products? Is there anything that goes over the differences between WECAN, CANTROL, B-Link, etc? I run a Vision SLR and...

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