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  1. Resfireman30

    Wanted Console for 2006 Tahoe

    Looking for a center console for a 2006 tahoe
  2. Resfireman30

    Wanted Interior lightbar 17 Ram 1500

    interior lightbar will fit in a 2017 Ram Rebel 1500 Looking for dual color R/W.
  3. Resfireman30

    Wanted 9x7 Lights, Red in color

    I need 10 9x7 sized lights to go on my command trailer. Red in color.
  4. Resfireman30

    Wanted WeCan inner edge

    red/white we can inner edge for 2017 ram 1500. lemme know what you can do
  5. Resfireman30

    Headliner install

    i have a Feniex cobra 800 I want to put on the rear headliner of a 2006 f350. How do y'all install them ?
  6. Resfireman30

    2005 F350 ILB

    You think a 2008+ interior lightbar fenix cobra would fit in a 2005 F350 the same or would i need to order a universasl one
  7. Resfireman30

    Lightbar with green command lights

    There was a video on here at one time of a Whelen freedom that had the corners set up with red on top and green on the bottom. the green flashed by itself when in command mode. anyone know where i can find that guy?
  8. Resfireman30

    Wanted Whelen L31 beacons

    Looking for 2 L31 beacons, Upfitting old Pumper would like to use these or something similar. Let me know what you have and price. Also would be interested in 2 Jet Solaris Mini bars Led ( I just like the look of those i guess.) Thanks for the help.
  9. Resfireman30

    Station bell

    We are currently using 2 mobile radios, one for EMS and one for fire hooked up to a amplifier as a station ringdown down. I have come in possession of a set of bells from a station near by as they are no longer using them. I was wondering how to hook up the bells to the ringdown system? There...
  10. Resfireman30

    Inner edge

    I need a Driverside bracket for an older inner-edge. i have a 2010 ram and am missing the complete drivers side mounts
  11. Resfireman30


    Saw a post today in tip and tricks about converting halogen to led for home use.... was wondering how hard do you think it would be to find blue led bulbs in blue for the mx7000? Ive googled around and haven't really came up with much, was hoping someone knew a specific place you (I) could find...
  12. Resfireman30

    CPS Automotive

    any one ever bought any of these? Just curious looks like a heck of a deal, but too good to be true....... HID Headquarters, Your SOURCE for HID Plug n Play kits
  13. Resfireman30

    2005 Tahoe

    With the hatch open. Its the first in many steps. Not too much and its not right in my face, I'm only 5'10'". Its a work in progress
  14. Resfireman30

    Get where ya Gotta go! Rio Vista,Tx

    This video is from 2008 at a fire about 10 miles west of Morgan,Tx. The guy that is shooting this video is a dozer operator for Texas Forest Service. He had pushed a path down the back side of a conservation tank dam so that we could follow his dozer crew. He said, "You think you can make it...
  15. Resfireman30

    Whelen freedom I/o Board Problem (I think)

    Have a Freedom on a rescue truck, lost all fuctions to the front, including take downs. The rear still works fine minus the one module that has been out for a while. Just looking for some heads to bounce this off of. Ideas?
  16. Resfireman30

    2002 Montero Sport Rear Window Install

    I know the video is kinda crappy but its all i got crappy Iphone 4 lol The setup is (r/w)lin4 (a/b/r/w) nova leds and (r/b) lin4 Here's the video Not that I have any doubt that I will get it anyway, I'd love to hear what ya think.

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