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  1. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Whelen Advant Edge 4000 series OSC

    If you can find edge or freedom lenses they may fit the frame if I remember correctly I believe the lenses are the same
  2. Da-Sarge

    Flashing noise on am/fm radio

    Theres RF noise suppressors you can buy (common in CB radio days) you can put on the ground (chassis) of the radio that filters out the noise but also how close to the antenna for the radio is the light close proximity to the LED lights will cause radio noise like a whining or hiss when the...
  3. Da-Sarge

    stand alone intersection sweeps

    I really like that idea im sure the mx sweeps aren't that expensive to buy to do this type of mod I do currently have a liberty so I'm looking for an external idea for sweeps without sacrificing my front corner modules (I use the cruis lights alot)
  4. Da-Sarge

    Do LAPD still use vehicles from the 2000s?

    If it still runs its still used though older stuff is usually kept as spare vehicles in most cases sure here in canada my city police still have a 95 caprice still going still runs like a champ with that old LT1 under the hood lol last I was state side (rite before covid) they still had 90s cars...
  5. Da-Sarge

    Positive Another great purchase from Zach A

    Purchased a set of feniex cannons and star trio light heads from Zach A arrived well packed and all work very well will definitely buy from you again Thanks again
  6. Da-Sarge

    stand alone intersection sweeps

    Power arc ones are the ones I seen but are really pricey still very cool though
  7. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Code 3 dtech dichroic filter rotators

    PM sent Still looking at this time
  8. Da-Sarge

    Green Light Thread

    Candy cane vision a good Christmas lightbar rite there ;)
  9. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Amber white duo 500 for liberty 1

    Ya the generations and revisions get confusing lol its still interesting seeing how a product evolved including the updated endcaps and led changes among other upgrades as time went on
  10. Da-Sarge

    stand alone intersection sweeps

    I agree intersection sweeps should make a comeback but my guess is most manufacturers want no moving parts for more reliability thats just a thought though I dont mind adding sweeps if they are stand alone but sadly the only option is the whelen Argus lights that are over a grand each (way too...
  11. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Amber white duo 500 for liberty 1

    Ok let me clear up what a revision is and a generation is Nolines liberty 1 bars are all first generation but the duo and trio are revisions liberty 2 is second generation this is what's confusing everyone here is everyone knows liberty 1 is first gen the later ones are revisions the liberty 2...
  12. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Amber white duo 500 for liberty 1

    Sill looking for the parts above ranger services do you have any of the desired parts?
  13. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Amber white duo 500 for liberty 1

    That liberty 1 trio is very cool but according to the comments on the video its limited in color configuration so basically amber users are limited to duos lol still baller for the time :)
  14. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Amber white duo 500 for liberty 1

    Wow and I thought the duo 500s were packed the liberty 1 trio is definitely a unicorn would be really good to see one in the wild very cool
  15. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Amber white duo 500 for liberty 1

    Ok now you got my interest peaked ill shoot you a PM about the trio bars they might have what I need
  16. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Amber white duo 500 for liberty 1

    Of trio liberty 1 bars or trio liberty 2 bars
  17. Da-Sarge

    Code3 Ecco sold

    As a user of alot of stuff by trucklite especially their headlights code 3 is in some good hands and should finally gets some improvements over the lackluster stuff they have been putting out in recent years im looking forward to seeing whats coming
  18. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Amber white duo 500 for liberty 1

    Do you have a link? Would be interesting to see a trio liberty 1 bar
  19. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Amber white duo 500 for liberty 1

    Duo liberty 1s are only made for a couple years that im aware of i never seen a trio liberty 1 i dont know how they would do it lol the duo heads are pretty packed but could have been 3 colors done by groups of 4 leds but who knows lol Anyways still looking for the duo amber/white 500 heads
  20. Da-Sarge

    Trouble with my Omega 90

    Sounds like the tone is carruped some how odd for only 1 or 2 tones to do that though its all based in one rom chip it may be caroded have a look inside for any corrosion on the board
  21. Da-Sarge

    Trouble with my Omega 90

    For the odd noise issue this type thing can happen when the preamp doesn't get proper power its often failing capacitors that do this Do the tones work correctly before you hit the horn rin switch? If so it may be a switching circuit fault in the unit (most trigger transistors as sensing that...
  22. Da-Sarge

    stand alone intersection sweeps

    Ok that is legit really cool looks like its got amber LR11s rigged up to be intersection sweeps very neat
  23. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Amber white duo 500 for liberty 1

    I never knew it had trio as an option thats pretty rare im guessing for liberty 1 bars duo is hard enough to track down lol
  24. Da-Sarge

    stand alone intersection sweeps

    i wonder has anyone ever mounted intersection sweeps in some clear dome beacons or any thing to have the sweeps on their modern led setups? i know whelen has the sweep function added to their new remote spot light system called argius (probibly spelled it wrong lol) but i really cant see...
  25. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Code 3 dtechs

    Looks like I'm not the only one looking for dtechs lol
  26. Da-Sarge

    For Sale HAVIS IdleRight

    Would this work on newer vehicles?
  27. Da-Sarge

    For Sale HAVIS IdleRight

    I'm assuming this is for control of engine idle while on scene?
  28. Da-Sarge

    Whelen Sapphire programming issues.

    Sure sounds good to me :)
  29. Da-Sarge

    For Sale Custom Code 3 MX7000

    Work of art rite here its too bad I can't really use much in blue ide snap this beauty up real quick

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