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    Aerodynic 24 C question

    I have this Aerodynic 24C with what looks like a shop number on the bottom of the frame. I believe it was last on a Las Vegas FD truck but who knows before that. Anyone seen a number like that before. Thanks Greg
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    Warnray lights

    These are some pics of my Warnray lights and a video. I’ve always liked these lights and they are pretty bright. I see them predominantly on Seagrave fire apparatus from the 1940’s thru 1950’s. I’m sure they were on others as well. Each light has its own Tung Sol flasher inside.
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    Federal Traffik King

    I got my Traffik King siren installed today. Tsquale was nice enough to sell it to me a while back and I had Gary with Rescue Market rebuild and re-chrome it. The rear cone needed some work but Gary got it perfect. Greg
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    Federal Z siren

    Just installed my Z siren on my display table. Been looking for a while since I saw an old photo of our local FD had one on their 1936 ladder truck Greg
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    Positive Siren repaired

    Just got my Fyr Fyter siren back from MNTMAN who fixed it up and he did an awesome job. It sounds great and I couldn't be any happier. The packaging was also fantastic . Thanks again, Kent. Greg Scott
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    Lightbar display

    Just thought I would share a couple of pics from the Iowa State Fair. The lightbar display is in the Hall of Law and are from the Iowa State Patrol showing what they used in the past. The Twinsonic is an actual CTS that looked like it was brand new out of the box.
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    Wanted Federal siren red glass lens

    I’m looking for a glass red lens for an older Federal siren It goes on my WL siren but I believe they were interchangeable with many older Federal sirens. See photo for reference Thank you
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    Federal WLR siren question

    I was looking for info on what the bulb size/number that was in the rear cone of a Federal WLR siren 12 volt. Greg
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    Positive Bought positive from mugsy87

    Aerodynic mounts purchased from mugsy87, fast shipping with no problems at all. Greg ScottScott

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