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  1. Tony P

    2013 POV ford explorer completion

    @jonny521 All of the videos appear to be unavailable currently.
  2. Tony P

    Kevin O'Connell - Owner of B&M Sirens - has passed

    Kevin O'Connell, Owner of B&M Sirens from 1998 to present, has passed over the weekend after a battle with pancreatic cancer.
  3. Tony P

    For Sale Feniex Fusion 600 R/W Dual Color Lightstick [No Longer Available]

    The orange buy it now button (top right) lists $310
  4. Tony P

    Intersector plastic arm needed

    The envelope at the top right of the screen. Should have a red icon indicating a new message.
  5. Tony P

    Hello from Eastern Colorado... New Member

    Welcome to the site! You will find some great fellow collectors here that will be more than willing to help you grow your collection.
  6. Tony P

    Vintage Catalogs: KD Lamp Co.

    Scans of the emergency products section for the catalog I have
  7. Tony P

    Vintage Catalogs:SHO-ME / ABLE 2

    Sho-Me Catalog and Tear drop literature
  8. Tony P

    New Member From Arizona

    Welcome aboard!
  9. Tony P


    Yes. You dove one subsection too deep. If you go back out of the Q&A for Vintage Warning Help and go to the Vintage & Collectible area, you will see all of the different brands as sticky threads.
  10. Tony P

    Minnesota DNR Conservation Officer Eugene Wynn

    Press release: 04-19-19 at about 7:44 PM Pine County dispatch received a call of a possible body in the water in Cross Lake, east of Pine City. The call was from witnesses fishing from the shore. Pine County Deputies and a Minnesota Conservation Officer responded to the area. They were not able...
  11. Tony P

    Whelen Cenator (formerly Ceridian) Series lightbar

    Whelen has renamed this to Cenator. Title updated to reflect that.
  12. Tony P

    Noob in Maryland.

    Welcome! The Vista was the first bar that I had in my collection many years ago. Sadly I sold it!
  13. Tony P

    RESOLVED AWL still open in 2019?

    I have moved this to the dispute resolution thread. I do think you should be attempting to ask AWL the questions directly though. Did you try contacting them first? They list an email address, phone number, and have a contact us form on their website.
  14. Tony P

    RESOLVED AWL still open in 2019?

    @Tom the owner is a member here. I do believe it is a little early to be leaving any sort of feedback on this transaction though...
  15. Tony P

    911 Emergency Supply

    Try it this way
  16. Tony P

    Positive Purchase of Whelen IONs from John Smith

    You need to say what you bought from him or what you sold to him. Example feedback: positive sale to member XYZ. He bought my Whelen Rotabeam. Paid promptly, quick to communicate
  17. Tony P

    Positive Purchase of Whelen IONs from John Smith

    I think you misunderstood. The item must be listed in your feedback thread.
  18. Tony P

    Positive Purchase of Whelen IONs from John Smith

    All transaction feedback requires the item bought or sold to be listed
  19. Tony P

    My POV and department truck

    I'd agree. Left is more attention getting and less spastic. Feel free to post some more of your POV!
  20. Tony P

    Support Listing info and Paypal issue

    Hi @CD3, let me try and breakdown what I understand to be two separate issues you are having. 1. The information about what type of payment or your "terms and conditions" are showing up in the proper area. For example, on your Sprinter Siren listing if someone is to click the header "Terms and...
  21. Tony P

    For Sale 2 Feniex T6s - RED [No Longer Available]

    @firemedic10584 is your $2.00 listed price correct?
  22. Tony P

    LED Whelen Triple Dashmiser Blue with takedowns

    The seller has not been logged on (as seen from their profile details) since 9/19/18, and therefore has not seen the 4 inquires on this. There is no need to continue bumping this ad.
  23. Tony P

    Support PayPal issues

    Ok, I am going to close this out then as it is not an issue on our end. Using the buy it now will only allow you to pay for the amount they have listed. If you make arrangements to something else, they will have to give you their PayPal address to send payment to.
  24. Tony P

    One step further

    Just because you're retiring doesn't mean you have to leave us! :(
  25. Tony P

    Support PayPal issues

    Can you elaborate? Were you attempting to pay for an item? If so which one?
  26. Tony P

    Federal Fireball FB-1 Wiring Question

    @dmathieu likely can.
  27. Tony P

    For Sale FedSig Twinsonic 12A1 - X

    As the seller, you can't see the buy it now button since you (in theory) wouldn't want to buy your own item. It is there and was when he made the comment. You also have it listed in the text of your ad
  28. Tony P

    For Sale FedSig Twinsonic 12A1 - X

    The bright orange buy it now button at the top of the ad lists the price.
  29. Tony P

    Positive thanks octoberguy77

    When leaving feedback you need to include if you bought or sold him something and what that item was.
  30. Tony P

    For Sale Motorola CDM1250 VHF 50W 64CH Mobile

    Price is listed in the bright orange "buy it now" button at the top right of the ad.

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