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  1. unityrv26

    Are these RV-25 Parts ?

    Great response from unity!!
  2. unityrv26

    For Sale Code 3 Dashlaser w/lots of domes!

    How much for the hailer in the background????
  3. unityrv26

    Unity Facebook Group

    Yesterday one of our members won the drawing for the red/Amber 25 dome! Tonight at 5:00 pm (eastern time) we will be drawing for a red spitfire RV25 dome!!! These are going for only $40!!!!! Join us if you're interested!
  4. unityrv26

    Unity Facebook Group

    Just wanted to share that in the Unity Facebook group, Unity Manufacturing is very active. They have found 3 - 26 red spitfire domes, 2 - 25 red spitfire domes, and a split red/amber 25 dome which are being promotionally sold via the group in a Lottery. They are new but have slight (very...
  5. unityrv26

    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    Just watched the movie "Funny Farm" with Chevy Chase. There is a scene with a low budget ambulance. I don't have video but the ambulance has a red Fireball II on top!
  6. unityrv26

    restored Firehawk FHL

    Great job!!!!
  7. unityrv26

    Unity Facebook Group

    Well it has been one day, the group has grown to 95 members. Domes and parts have already been sold, and people have found things they couldn't find before. A few problems may have been solved with sound advice and a lot of tongues are left hanging with what people have collected out there...
  8. unityrv26

    Unity Facebook Group

    Please feel free to join my Unity Corp group page, dedicated to the RV series lights. The group is very new and is dedicated to the collecting, displaying, getting technical advice, selling or trading, etc. Anything Unity RV Series related. Let's build our community! Join us and start...
  9. unityrv26

    Who made the best rotating halogen dash light?

    I used a red/white dashlaser setup on my front dash, and two firebeams with mirrors on my back deck. Best setup I've ever seen/ever ran.
  10. unityrv26

    RV-26 vs. RV-46 Flashes Per Minute

    Do you have a pic of this part?
  11. unityrv26

    Streamlight SL20X LED Upgrade

    Yeah I saw that one but you can't add one to your cart. I emailed them with no response.
  12. unityrv26

    Streamlight SL20X LED Upgrade

    Everywhere I look, including optics planet, they show it out of stock or discontinued. I don't see any reasons why.
  13. unityrv26

    Streamlight SL20X LED Upgrade

    Hoping I can count on you guys, another "flashlight forum" hasn't helped me yet. You guys always deliver! So here goes, and if this isn't allowed please let me know..... I just got a new halogen Streamlight SL20X given to me. I have been searching for the terralux drop in LED. Their website...
  14. unityrv26

    For Sale Flashlight Collection

    I'd like the xl20x! Do you take PayPal? Please pm me your address if so, I'll send the funds.
  15. unityrv26

    RV-26 vs. RV-46 Flashes Per Minute

    You were saying?........... :p;) I'm a bit of an RV-26 & RV-46 guru!
  16. unityrv26

    Finish RV45 bulb holders

    I have a BRAND NEW never used RV-45. I used the pan and gear motor for my RV-26. So I don't need my bulb housing. You interested?? I also have a brand new amber dome.
  17. unityrv26

    RV-26 vs. RV-46 Flashes Per Minute

    I do know that the motors are different to accommodate RV-46 to closer match the FPM of the RV-26. I'm not sure exactly how many flashes per minute they are.
  18. unityrv26

    2018 Dodge Chargers

    I'm steering clear of this thread!!!
  19. unityrv26

    Looking for a new duty flashlight

    Stinger all the way. Batteries don't last forever. Replace them and keep on truckin. I've also had the 1,000 lumen protac HLx. Another great streamlight.
  20. unityrv26

    Fire Department Utility/Service Trucks

    A firefighter isn't much good without a hose. Having said that, I'm reminded of seeing an ugly debate at such a small scene where a simple light duty truck could have handled it. A "tax-payer" lit into fur-fur command on scene as to why they would take out a big truck, wear and tear, fuel...
  21. unityrv26

    Flashlight light opinions wanted.

    Stinger HL (high lumens). Best light by far Ive ever used. Very bright at 800 lumens, far reaching and yet floody enough to search a building. It starts at 800 then if you hold the button it ramps downward two lower settings. This is useful when you know you'll be on traffic control for a...
  22. unityrv26

    Wanted Code 3 Dashlaser R/B Split Dome

    Yup. I have one in great shape. I have both a red and blue dome with the 5 flash mirror. Send me a message
  23. unityrv26

    My custom led rotator

    I had my doubts.....but it looks GOOD! UNITY could have pulled something like this off. They just didn't want to. (I hope they see this comment)
  24. unityrv26

    For Sale Whelen FlatLighter

    What are you asking?
  25. unityrv26

    Start of my collection | Code 3 MX-7000 LA Sheriff

    Remember.......feed the addiction!!!
  26. unityrv26

    For Sale DashLaser w/mirror blue/red

    Bumped Updated info about domes
  27. unityrv26

    Cleaning/Polishing Rotators and Diamonds?

    I used neverdull....but id caution it's use and make sure you are polishing actual metal/chrome as opposed to plastic.
  28. unityrv26

    For Sale DashLaser w/mirror blue/red

    Hi all. I am selling my Code 3 DashLaser. I was going to make this a project light by replacing the dome to clear and red filter and replacing the chord. I found one like I was looking for so I no longer need it. Comes with: DashLaser rotator, single normal speed, 5 flash mirror. I will...
  29. unityrv26

    Official PHOTOS Thread

    One of the officers didn't get the memo.

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