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  1. Hoff

    New FHP Cruisers now more safe and hideous

    Seen mostly blue bars with red in the middle. I'm wondering if they still are running the dual color bars.
  2. Hoff

    07'-14' Tahoe install tips/pics

    Are you opposed to taking the seat out? We had the same thing and took it out and frankensteined a console we had to this tunnel mount:
  3. Hoff

    Construction Warning Lights for Jeep with Soft Top

    +1 on a pole mount beacon.
  4. Hoff

    Sheriff says Deputies must kick suspects hard

    This is fantastic. Can't say I wouldn't do the same, but a couple of mine would defiantly re-attack that moving arm. Good, bad, just the truth.
  5. Hoff

    The K-9 Korner

    Always a fun time while walking the line at the airshow and the new dog takes a HUGE dump right in the middle of everyone, then the handler gives me the "I don't have any bags look".
  6. Hoff

    Feniex offroad...

    Yup I'm looking forward to this!
  7. Hoff

    New ride!!! 2011 Escape Upfit

    I like your pre-work Jarred. They should switch together with the way you describe. I also like your choice of radio program.
  8. Hoff

    WTT NIB B/W Apollo F12 and B T3 for R/W Apollo and R T3 - No Longer Available

    Want to trade B/W Apollo F12 and Blue T3 for R/W Apollo F12 and Red T3. Has a price because Panjo will not let you post with a zero price. Not necessarily looking to sell.
  9. Hoff

    WTT NIB B/W Apollo F12 and B T3 for R/W Apollo and R T3 - No Longer Available

    [Broken External Image]:http://[Broken External Image]:
  10. Hoff

    WTT NIB B/W Apollo F12 and B T3 for R/W Apollo and R T3 - No Longer Available

    WTT NIB B/W Apollo F12 and B T3 for R/W Apollo and R T3 Want to trade B/W Apollo F12 and Blue T3 for R/W Apollo F12 and Red T3. Both bags have been opened to select patterns. No other mounting/run time. ITEM NO LONGER AVAILABLE - USED LOCALLY List Date: 11/8/2016 For more info, click here...
  11. Hoff

    Soft Launch of New FEVER Site

    I like the squares. Gives a visual to what you are picking and it breaks up the drop down text of the optics.
  12. Hoff

    Chevy/GMC/Universal Full Console

    Do you know if it will fit an 07 model Tahoe that has the center seat?
  13. Hoff

    Feniex introduces a new line

    This all looks great! Now if only I had something to upfit...
  14. Hoff

    Park Rangers too "threatening"... (le sigh)

    This!!!!!!!!!! This is why people have zero incentive to do it the legal way. Why wait years to get in when you could just hop the ole border and be given free shit!?
  15. Hoff

    New Facility

    Nic do you guys do work for McDill AFB? If you get the mobile install up and running, that might be a good gig. Too bad you're not just a touch more north. You'd have lots of business here! Does the sign/fab side of the business have a website?
  16. Hoff

    Carlos SpicyWeiner's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    Damn Boulder that's a lot of painting!
  17. Hoff

    Setina Push Bar Lights

    You have to signal the helicopters somehow you know...
  18. Hoff

    CHP Charger

    All the all white ones I've seen are all commercial enforcement. They are running black and whites still. There was a post not long back where there were hundreds of NGPI Utilities in a lot.
  19. Hoff

    MX7000 clean up (turned upfit 01-2016)

    7 x 3 widelux! Dooooo it!
  20. Hoff

    Hello everyone from SoCal

    Hello from a SoCal expat. Just flew out of John Wayne two weeks ago. Always liked it for a smaller airport. Will fly outta there over LAX every time!
  21. Hoff

    CHP Traffic stops

    This "journalist" is douche. He's prolly spending all day waiting for something to happen so he can sell the footage and proclaim "police brutality!" to all the interwebs. The patterns are pretty sweet. I wonder how the set up changes for HGN.
  22. Hoff

    Question Regarding Decals

    I'm with Chief lol
  23. Hoff

    2015 Tahoe POV

    Those T3s do really well back there.
  24. Hoff

    Border Patrol gains an extra Tahoe for its

    It was season 23, episode 7 22 Nov 1997. Gov computers won't let me link a video.
  25. Hoff

    Border Patrol gains an extra Tahoe for its

    The real police should switch their patches to "not cartel" or "cartel sucks" ala Rudy Giuliani mid 90's SNL skit.
  26. Hoff

    Feniex Wide-Lux Mount Debate

    When I hit the lottery I'll pick one up Nic! As far as cost would it be more than the razorbak lonestar has with the M4s?
  27. Hoff

    Feniex Wide-Lux Mount Debate

    I wouldn't bother with the cannon on the side. Much better ways to get some side warning for just as much or less as a pair of cannons. I like the look of the 3x7 even if they are slightly staggered in the middle. Powder coat black would work for most vehicles. Second choice would be the liner.
  28. Hoff

    West Overland Fire and EMS

    I would literally stab someone for half the budget spent on lights here...
  29. Hoff

    Formerly FEVER's For Sale Thread

    I'll take it nic. Pm about the lights.

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