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    Wanted WTB Feniex Cobra ILB module

    Anyone know where I can get two clear modules for a Feniex Cobra Interior visor bar?
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    Wanted Wanted Feniex cannon

    I need a red/clear cannon version 1. That has the red shrink tape between the light head and flasher. Anyone know where I can get one so I’m not replacing 3 other cannons to get them to sync?
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    Feniex GPL light bar rusting

    I have a 2019 Feniex GPL on my cruiser. The cruiser was up fitted and put on the street June 1. I’m now noticing rust on the top of the light bar on the driver side along with some rust on the screws. Anyone else having this problem?
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    2011 Silverado crew cab siren help

    Needing help on where to mount a Star LCS-880 siren amp near the back seat of a 2011 Silverado crew can preferably where it will be out of the way even if I do raise the seat up.
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    Wanted Feniex Pegasus Module

    ISO Feniex Pegasus clear module, can be either warning module or Takedown.
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    led flashing problem

    I purchased two whelen slim-misors and after about two weeks one of them would not flash the patten set on so I tried to change the pattern by pressing the flash button on the back and when pressed the clear would flash but red wouldnt light up when pressed again the clear would flash faster but...
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    not grounding

    what are some good grounding points inside of a truck cab for a siren?
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    I purchased two led slim misers and decided to hard wire them. hooked up my switches but no matter what position the switch is in the lighst are still running. any advice would greatly be appreciated!
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    siren mounting bracket

    I bought a siren and it did not have a bracket any suggestions on something that I can mount infront of my bench seat console?

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