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  1. Mack2340

    Wanted ISO 1 Code 3 795x red lense.

    I am searching for a red lense for a code 3 795x led head i bought one and it arrived destroyed. cannot have any cracks or breaks. pm me if you have one cash or Paypal ready.
  2. Mack2340

    Wanted White nforce light heads

    i have code 3 ones if your interested and cant find any.
  3. Mack2340

    Wanted ISO 911 EP millenium cid box plug

    ok thanks i remember talking to on facebook and you had one and i missed it by a week due to payday.
  4. Mack2340

    Wanted ISO 911 EP millenium cid box plug

    Hello all i am looking for a 4 pin plug for my 911 EP CID box. please message me if you have one. Thanks in advanced.
  5. Mack2340

    Negative Buyer beware of Harrold Yale

    I bought some Code 3 360 parts from a guy in Fort Worth Texas by a guy named Harrold Yale took him close to 4 months to ship me the parts after paying for the parts and shipping, he stated that his car broke down and was using someone else's ( I understand that ). When the parts were shipped to...
  6. Mack2340

    Wanted ISO Code 3 360 driver side dome in clear

    looking for driver side clear dome for a Code 3 360 pm me if you have one.
  7. Mack2340

    Wanted Tomar Preemption Supply

    following need one as well.
  8. Mack2340

    Wanted Code 3 Dashlaser

    please still get ahold of me we exchanged info and i havent heard from you.
  9. Mack2340

    Wanted Whelen Slimlighter Suction Cup Bracket

    I believe i have a set i will check.
  10. Mack2340

    ISO Digicom MDT-870 manual

    im am looking for a manual that can be copied and sent me me as I recently bought a LAPD Digicom MDT-870 and need a schematic for the cables to make it somewhat functional for a car build if any help can be rendered please help. Thanks in advance.
  11. Mack2340

    Wanted Blue non fluted Federal Signal GH1 lense.

    I'm searching for a blue lense for a GH1 non fluted this is for a halogen not strobe. Pm me with pictures please. Thanks in advance.
  12. Mack2340

    Wanted ISO 2004 Chevrolet Impala push Bumper

    I am searching for a push bumper with brackets for a 2004 Chevrolet Impala. PM me if you have one and interested in selling it thank you.
  13. Mack2340

    Wanted Streethawk domes and lower lenses

    I sell already refurbished polished streethawk domes uppers and lowers for a good price pm me if your interested.
  14. Mack2340

    Wanted Ex-Chicago PD / FD items

    I know a guy who has former CFD Code 3 Xf2300 for sale he asking $200 i can pick it up and send it to fedex and have it shipped to you on your time if that interests you.
  15. Mack2340

    questions on wecan Whelen Liberty

    I have Wecan Whelen Liberty's at work and was wondering could I use regular Whelen liberty heads as this bar is fully loaded and has a built in arrow stick but want to go from red to amber leds for traffic clearance purpose's. Thank you for any assistance.
  16. Mack2340

    Wanted ISO Federal Signal GH1/GS2 non fluted lenses

    I am looking for non fluted blue lense for a federal signal gs1/gh2 used is ok nos is even better. message me if you have one.
  17. Mack2340

    Wanted Streethawk, All-light

    have many instock if your interested.
  18. Mack2340

    For Sale Trade Signal Stat feet for Code 3 XL feet

    I have a set of Signal Stat feet with plenty of rubber padding left looking to trade for Code 3 XL Feet to complete a project. Have no use for Signal Stat feet.
  19. Mack2340

    For Sale Federal Signal Blue Twinsonic Dome

    i recently sold it sorry.
  20. Mack2340

    Wanted Offering up to 5000 dollars for a working mars aurora borealis

    Send me a private message on here sir. Thank you.
  21. Mack2340

    Wanted Federal Twinsonic feet

    just the feet.
  22. Mack2340

    Wanted Federal Twinsonic feet

    Hello all I am looking for a couple sets of Federal Twinsonic feet does not have to have the rubber feet but would appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any help.
  23. Mack2340

    Wanted Whelen liberty corner module

    is that the ballast type?
  24. Mack2340

    Wanted Code 3 789x red or clear

    Im ISO code 3 789x lenses need 2 in red or clear to finish a build, pm me if you have any. Thank you Mack.
  25. Mack2340

    For Sale Federal Signal Blue Twinsonic Dome

    I have for sale a fully refurbished Federal Signal Twinsonic Blue dome, dome is a 8 out of 10 some scratches inside and out I tried my best I'm asking $360 shipped.
  26. Mack2340

    Wanted ISO Whelen Pierce Alert parts

    i have a parts one if your interested i restored the outside lense, put new bulbs in it but found out the wiring is bad asking $50 plus shipping.
  27. Mack2340

    For Sale Whelen Dashmiser and parts

    I have these Whelen DashMisers for sale one is self contained the other requires a power supply I have a new one I'll throw in, and some other modules, asking $125 plus the ride. Yes there tested and all work properly no hickups.

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