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  1. rcfd34

    For Sale Code 3 Z3 Siren

    have a like new code 3 z3 siren with all wires worked perfect when i removed it from last vehicle been sitting in the garage for a few months now just wont fit in my new pov like i was hoping so looking to sell it. only thing missing is the sticker sheet. asking 250 plus shipping obo just no low...
  2. rcfd34

    need kenwood help

    so i bought a radio off ebay its a kenwood nx1200dk2 took it to our local kenwood guy he says he cant program it gives him a market code error and tells me it cant be programmed in the usa. so i call up kenwood and talk to a very nice guy and he tells me with these radios they were never made...
  3. rcfd34

    Federal Signal XSM1C-BRW

    i got these with the cig lighter attachment does any one know if i can cut these off and be able to sync them or not?
  4. rcfd34

    Wanted STA274-ULB21-U1

    does anyone have this bracket available?
  5. rcfd34


    Looking for a programming cable for the xts5000 please let me know what you have kinda need it asap
  6. rcfd34

    Wanted Ulb28

    Looking for the universal bracket for the ulb28 part number is 274-ULB21-U1
  7. rcfd34

    Need wiring help

    Hey guys im gonna be tangling an adventure of putting lights into my car its a 2012 hyundai sonata. I'm not really sure how to go about it. I've done an install in my old truck but this car seems to be alot more difficult and not as much room. Trying to run a power wire is gonna be my biggest...
  8. rcfd34

    Wanted Interior lightbar

    Looking for an interior light bar must be blue or blue white lovely old illinois. Looking for something used sense im sure it will be cheaper. Currently have a Hyundai sonta so I know there will be no vehicle made one and ill have to do some of my own fab work to make one fit but let me know...
  9. rcfd34

    For Sale Motorola Xpr7550e Vhf

    have a Motorola xpr 7550e for sale comes with battery antenna charger programming cable and cd Housing is a little scratched up but I also have the replacement oem Looking to get 550 obo plus shipping
  10. rcfd34

    Wanted Apollo bracket

    looking for an apollo license plate bracket if any one has one please let me know thanks
  11. rcfd34

    Wanted Looking for a trade

    I've got 2 whelen m4s clear lens blue in color and a power arc dash light in blue with blue lens looking to trade for a passenger side interior light bar just passenger side in all blue or blue/white mixed I live in Illinois I may also be able to throw in some other stuff to trade if need be...
  12. rcfd34

    Wanted Siren/light controller

    Looking for a used siren light controller. Need something is a few different buttons looking to spend less then 250 shipped Current setup: Front.. 2 whelen m4, 2 led hide a ways Back.. 2 apollos, twdl light stick Side..2 lin 6 on tool box Code 3 2700 with alley lights and take downs with arrow...
  13. rcfd34

    cencom red issues need help asap

    i have gone to install a cencom red today i got everything wired up and when i go turn it on everytime i hit a button it just keeps beeping but no function. after awhile it stopped beeping and now it will no longer do anything when i hit the buttons can anyone help
  14. rcfd34

    For Sale holy valors man i sure hope some one here can get this what a steal of a price right now
  15. rcfd34

    Wanted siren/light control

    looking for a siren with light control with a remote head like a cencom in good condition looking to spend to less then 200 if possible thanks
  16. rcfd34

    Another valor great price
  17. rcfd34

    For Sale Valor Police only

    found this gem for sale i hope some one from here can get it
  18. rcfd34

    Mx7000 question

    Can any one tell me the size of inside of a mx7000 I've got an led bar that is a v shape and I wanna take it apart and make it straight but not sure if the pieces are gonna fit. Its the only bar I can think of that might work
  19. rcfd34

    light stick

    im looking for a minimum of 6 head bar can not be any longer then 43 inches in all blue looking for used most likely let me know what you have thanks
  20. rcfd34

    Wanted Federal legend parts

    Looking for 2 centers boards in all blue
  21. rcfd34

    Wanted Federal Signal Legend Interface

    im looking for an interface for a federal signal legend i just purchased one for a super good deal but the interface was not included. new or used dont matter let me know what you have or where i can find one. thanks
  22. rcfd34

    Icom ic-f3062

    Not sure if anyone can help or not I've came across one of these radios at a good price I was wondering if they will work in the USA sense all I can find is info on the UK website looking at specs I can't see any difference rwally but I'm sure there is. If any one can help that would be great...
  23. rcfd34

    Need lights for new brush truck

    our department has gotten a new brush truck it is a 2016 chevy 3500 single cab. we are looking to get bids and quotes from dealers for new lights. the lights we are looking for: light bar 2 front grill lights 2 side warning lights 2 rear facing warning lights all light color we are looking for...
  24. rcfd34

    Federal sign and signal siren

    So today my buddy picked up a siren for free and ended up giving it me. It's a federal sign and signal eg with a serial number of 2l12a9 can any one tell me anything about it. Best thing is that it works Thanks I will try to upload pics later but it's not letting me on my phone
  25. rcfd34

    Wanted Interior Lightbar

    Looking for a bar in all blue or blue and white that will fit in an 05 ford f150 with out any or to much modification looking to spend no more then 200 shipped. Please send pictures of what you got thanks
  26. rcfd34

    Positive Corepublicsafety

    Bought a Brookings br990 and an axixtech siren super fast shipping on both items great seller looking forward to more of his good deals
  27. rcfd34

    Lt. Eric Kohlbauer- Freeport Rural Fire Department IL
  28. rcfd34

    Wanted Ford f150 havis

    I'm looking for a used havis console made for an 05 ford f150. The part number would be C-VS-1100-F150 and 2 filler plates one for a kenwood tk7180 and the other for a brooking br990 thanks
  29. rcfd34

    Wanted blue surface mount

    I'm looking for 2 all blue surface mount lights looking for whelen or feniex sense that's the 2 brands i have now. Looking for t6 or similar size they will be mounted on a truck tool box. Let me no what you have thanks
  30. rcfd34

    Negative maddux31

    agreed on a trade for radios i sent him my 2 radios with in 3 days. waited almost a month to get the radio we had agreed to trade on after many times of emailing he just kept saying there was a programming issues. finally got a tracking number and he sent my stuff back after a month of waiting...

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