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  1. Nolines

    Mpc01 and bl627 programming

    You absolutely have to give it to whelen for designing a product that needs programming and addressing in order to work before you even get to wiring the strobes in. If you ever get the chance to read the manuals it doesn't say how you address them when you are hooking them up it just says this...
  2. Nolines

    Saw this in an auction coming up... Zetron

    I know I've seen fire dept people asking about alerting systems, and since I saw this I figured someone would be interested. Proxibid ft Myers auction on June 5th. Hope a dept who needs one will go for it.
  3. Nolines

    Federal Signal mini jetstream

    I have a friend who's son picked this up Hopefully you guys can give me some info on this version, 2 rotators, 2 v mirrors, looks like it could have been part of a full bar if so wanted but has an endcap on one side, the other is fully sealed. I'm guessing it could have had flashers in front...
  4. Nolines

    This is important to our firefighter bros and sisters Please please watch this.... I already have a relative who was a bat chief now retired who's sick possibly dieing not covid related ..
  5. Nolines

    Positive Charger purchase from tactmedic

    Bought a new charger for my radio, works better then my other charger for my other radio. I only thumbs down fredex who didn't bother to ring the door bell, glad I looked outside!
  6. Nolines

    Ford 05 excursion intake issue

    Ok I know we are a lighting site but I need some help from y'all on this. My canteen has a broken 05 ford excursion 6.8l v10 engine(gas) and for some odd reason the coolant connects from the engine to the intake plenum then to the heater core and the point where it connects to the plenum has...
  7. Nolines

    Low power whelen vertex

    This has me a lil stumped, I have a clear/white whelen vertex that seems to have gone into low power, all the LEDs light up, I thought I lost a few but no such animal. This is one of the older versions with screws and a seperateable driver section. I'm thinking this is a Mr Wilson question...
  8. Nolines

    Need help on whelen inner edge solos

    Just got 2 of these in red but since they were made in 08 they aren't on whelens website with the other inner edges. If anyone has the info for these install PDF wiring PDF whatever please give me a hand. Do know red and black, white with stripe is to change pattern, no idea on brown, thinking...
  9. Nolines

    Whelen dashmiser2 with issue

    I have an older dashmiser2 that started developing a weird startup issue, I can plug it in and turn it on and then wait 15 mins or so for it to work it's way up to full speed. It will start single firing till it hits the 4th flash then go to the other strobe and single flash up to 4 and back...
  10. Nolines

    For Sale Soundoff/Signal Power Pulse Solid State Relay Flasher.. ETPP00-P

    New in the box, county wanted 40 each, got a couple for 30. Asking $30.00 each plus shipping..
  11. Nolines

    For Sale For Sale, NOS Never Opened Federal Signal Flashing Lights for Streethawk

    Got these from local county, still in the box, contains all wires and connectors and bulbs and reflectors...Even the alternating federal signal flasher relay.. Model SFL4K Got 2, wanted $50.00 each, paid $35.00 each, asking same plus S/H... May be able to get a few more, unsure atm...
  12. Nolines

    eBay Listing EMS - Warning lights, antennas, speakers, other misc

    For sale Online through Whelen Strobe 9M Lightbars Strobe, Halogen X 9 Whelen Edge Light Bars LED X 2 Whelen Liberty Light Bars LED X 5 Clear 6in Round Light Covers X 23 Red 6in Round Light Covers X 9 Yellow 6in...
  13. Nolines

    Ford PI and PIU Modifier Guides

    Starting with 2018... 2017 Guide 2016 Guide...
  14. Nolines

    2013 Sedan Interceptor Light Controller Package (855)

    Models Affected 2013 Sedan Interceptors with Light Controller Package (855) beginning Job #1 2013MY. Purpose This bulletin provides the Sedan Light Controller Package (855) content description and wiring information. ( For the Whelen Setup .... but also diagram of wiring and where to find it )...
  15. Nolines

    2013MY and beyond Utility Police Interceptor Vehicle Modifications and Sealing

    Models Affected 2013MY and beyond Utility Interceptors Purpose Aftermarket upfit modification of some 2013MY and beyond Utility Police Interceptor vehicles has resulted in openings that allow external air and its contents to enter vehicles that have not been sealed to original design intent...
  16. Nolines

    2013 Sedan & Utility Police Interceptors Part Numbers for Addition of Front Lighting Package

    Models Affected 2013 Sedan & Utility Interceptors not originally ordered with the Front Lighting Package (Sedan Option 661 & Utility Option 66A) beginning Job #1 2013MY. Ford does not recommend using the projector beam headlamp high/low bulbs in the 2013 Police Interceptor for wig-wag function...
  17. Nolines

    P-022_2016 Utility Police Interceptor Horn Ring Cir cuit Access/Add Police Modifier Bulletin

    Models Affected 2016MY Utility Interceptors initial production builds Purpose 2016MY Utility Police Interceptors horn ring circuit was inadvertently deleted on initial production builds from harness supply. This circuit will be added back to the harness beginning with July 10, 2015 production...
  18. Nolines

    Wanted Wanted.... Whelen Edge/Mini Edge Corner Filters

    Wanted.... Im Looking For Amber and Green Corner Filters for my Lightbar... I have Clear Endcaps and I need the Filters to Lose the Bright Flash to the Sides I Get Complaints about from time to time.. Thanks! Corner color filter for use with clear End Cap 9UECFIL*
  19. Nolines

    For Sale Lightbars For Sale...... Depending on Where you Are!

    Found these through Gov Deals... You Will Have to be Near them to Get Them ( They Dont Package and Send, you have to go get them if you win them! ) Here We Go.. 6 Whelen Liberty Light Bars sold in as is condition. All...
  20. Nolines

    Federal Signal Streethawks

    Is there a Need or a Want for any Streethawk Bars or Parts? I found a Bunch at my local GSA but they wont sell anything with red or blue filters or Lights. I was told I could take a look and see what I can do about moving these items out for them before they crush them. But I didnt want to push...
  21. Nolines

    Hello from South East Florida!

    Hello from South Florida, mostly end user, slight collector, always looking for gear for my interceptors, total whelen user, utilizing old blink equipment, and dash masters, misers, Kings, vertex green and Amber only. Security company owner, instructor, officer, phazzer instructor.

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